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Wed, 4:00 AM 4 Aug

Buried Secrets Of WWII (2019)

Remote sensing techniques tell the stories of WWII battles and campaigns, the details of which have been lost in the fog of war, misinterpreted or overtaken by the landscape.

Wed, 8:00 AM 4 Aug

Filthy Riches (2014)

Film crews follow worm hunters, eel fisherman, ginseng hunters, mushroom hunters, and Burl tree hunters as they go about collecting these items.

Wed, 9:00 AM 4 Aug

Yukon River Run

Profit Or Peril: Join log-rafting Alaskans as they navigate the Yukon selling wood and supplies. First, they must build their rafts, which must also serve as their homes. (S1, ep 1)

Wed, 10:00 AM 4 Aug

Ice Road Rescue: Highway Havoc!

Wicked Weather: Blizzards, black ice and driving rain bring chaos to Norway's treacherous roads. Cars and trucks get stranded and, sometimes, the rescue drivers get stuck too. (3 of 4)

Wed, 11:00 AM 4 Aug

Air Crash Investigation (2003)

Revealing the dark truth that aviation safety improves one crash at a time, Mayday investigates legendary aviation disasters to find out what went wrong and why. Based on cockpit voice recorders, a

Wed, 2:00 PM 4 Aug

Lords Of War (2013)

Rise of the Sith Lords starts five years after the events of the first trilogy and follows the story of The Exile, a Jedi Knight who was exiled from the Jedi Order. During this time, the Jedi Order h

Wed, 3:00 PM 4 Aug

Gold Diggers

Race For Gold: Three Alaskan mining companies compete in a modern-day gold rush. Armed with treasure maps and gear, they have until winter to find and mine a living. (S1, ep 1) RATING: AA

Wed, 4:00 PM 4 Aug

Strippers: Cars For Cash

British Classics: Frankie and Ben strip a Rolls-Royce while Dean and George dismantle a Jaguar Sovereign. But which team will profit the most from their spare parts? RATING: AA

Wed, 5:00 PM 4 Aug

Car S.O.S. (2013)

Meet car enthusiast and TV presenter Tim Shaw and master mechanic Fuzz Townshend as they join forces to rescue rusty classic vehicles from their garage prisons

Wed, 7:00 PM 4 Aug

Drain The Oceans

Scientists use the latest technology to explore the oceans in order to reveal the hidden forces of creation that might explain the natural phenomena of the seabeds.

Wed, 8:00 PM 4 Aug

Killing Lincoln

Tom Hanks narrates a thrilling drama from Ridley and Tony Scott that chronicles the final days of Abraham Lincoln while unravelling his assassin John Wilkes Booth's treasonous plot.

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