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12:00 AM

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

(1977) Drama. John Travolta stars as a disco dancer determined to dance out of the ghetto. It's the white suit, the great moves... but it's also quite dark. Strong langauge/sex/violence.

2:05 AM

The Gathering (2003)

Gripping drama. When Adam's disparate worlds collide at his dad's birthday party, will the resulting fallout make him turn on Kelly? (Ep3/6) [SL]

2:55 AM

The Gathering (2003)

Gripping drama. Charlie starts a new relationship, while his dad's plan for his 18th birthday present backfires horribly. (Ep4/6) [SL]

3:45 AM

Come Dine with Me

Bristol and Bath. Checkout assistant Jamie-Lea hopes to impress her guests with plenty of flavoursome food, on a night featuring shocking impressions and a dessert with a twist. (Ep1/5)

4:10 AM

Come Dine with Me

Bristol and Bath. Farmer Chris plans an Italian menu. But how will his guests feel when he tells them that he's serving one of his home-reared pigs for the main? (Ep2/5)

4:35 AM

Come Dine with Me

Bristol and Bath. Retired publican Christine's menu seems to have come straight out of packets, jars and bottles. But she has a few surprises up her sleeve... (Ep3/5)

5:00 AM

Come Dine with Me

Bristol and Bath. Hummus maker and local food lover James plans a Middle Eastern-inspired menu packed with local produce and a sparkly dress code. (Ep4/5)

5:25 AM

Come Dine with Me

Bristol and Bath. The final host, 50-year-old retiree and 'lady of leisure' Shelley, serves up a menu of tried-and-tested favourites. But can her guests get a word in edgeways? (Ep5/5)

5:50 AM

Countdown (2016)

Colin Murray and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Pat Nevin joins Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner.

6:30 AM

3rd Rock From The Sun (1996)

Episode I: The Baby Menace: The Solomons panic when they realise that Vicki intends to sell the story of her baby's alien conception to the newspapers. (S5 Ep1)

6:55 AM

3rd Rock From The Sun (1996)

Dick for Tat: Dick seethes with envy when he discovers that his academic rival Professor Strudwick once had an affair with Mary before he met her, so he plots to even the score. (S5 Ep2)

7:20 AM

3rd Rock From The Sun (1996)

The Fifth Solomon: When Dick crashes his car into a tree, he pretends he uses the same insurance company as Mary rather than admit he is uninsured, so an insurance agent drops by. (S5 Ep3)

7:45 AM

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)

Talk to Your Daughter: Ray is ready to speak to Ally about the facts of life but discovers that she is now more interested in knowing the meaning of life. (S6 Ep19)

8:10 AM

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)

A Vote for Debra: Debra decides to run for school president, but Ray isn't sure that he can handle the twins by himself during all those meetings, so he votes against her. (S6 Ep20)

8:40 AM

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)

Call Me Mom: As Ray finally feels comfortable enough to call Debra's mother 'mom', he wants Debra to reciprocate with Marie. (S6 Ep21)

9:10 AM

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996)

Mother's Day: Debra takes offence when Marie accuses her of being rude, and they end up fighting and not speaking to each other. (S6 Ep22)

9:40 AM

Frasier (2004)

Love Stinks: Frasier hosts a party for the staff at the radio station, in order to improve his image. Roz dates a binman. (S9 Ep5)

10:10 AM

Frasier (2004)

Room Full of Heroes: Frasier's Halloween party takes an unpleasant turn when Niles drinks a few too many beers. (S9 Ep6)

10:40 AM

Annie (2014)

(1982) John Huston's adaptation of the Broadway musical about a plucky young orphan who longs for a happier future, starring Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney, Carol Burnett and Tim Curry.

1:05 PM

Find It, Fix It, Flog It (2016)

In Lowestoft, Henry Cole picks a valuable Lyons Tea enamel sign, while Simon O'Brien converts a station trolley into a garden sofa. (S3 Ep12)

2:10 PM

Countdown (2016)

Colin Murray and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Levi Roots joins Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner.

3:00 PM

A Place in the Sun (1951)

Erica and Ian dream of owning a holiday home on their favourite Canary Island of Fuerteventura, to escape cold winters. Lee Juggurnauth shows them what £170k can buy.

4:00 PM

A Place in the Sun (1951)

The show that brings the sun to our sofas returns. Lisa and Neil love Menorca's lifestyle, scenery and climate and want a holiday home there. Jasmine Harman shows them what £250k can buy.

5:00 PM

Come Dine with Me: The...

...Professionals: The new series continues. In Oxfordshire, The White Hart pit their asado BBQ cooking against The Hand and Shears' pub grub and Whistlers' hand-dived scallops. (S2 Ep16/20)

6:00 PM

Four in a Bed (1985)

The new run continues. The week begins at newbie B&Bers Nick and Tim's place in Milton Keynes, where secrets are revealed on a visit to the home of WWII code breakers.

6:30 PM

Channel 4 News (2014)

Channel 4's flagship news programme. Including the weather.

7:00 PM

The Great Celebrity Bake Off... (2018)

...for Stand Up To Cancer: Deborah Meaden, Jay Blades, Judi Love and Mike Wozniak make cheesecakes and a vegan BBQ classic, and recreate their first ever celebrity crush. (S6 Ep5)

8:00 PM

New: Our Welsh Chapel Dream

With the chapel currently unliveable, Keith and Marj come up with a radical plan for their sleeping arrangements: installing a shipping container in the car park as their bedroom. (Ep4/4)

9:00 PM

New: Kill Zone: Inside Gaza...

...Dispatches: The unfolding inside story of Israel's military assault on Gaza, seen through kids', journalists' and doctors' eyes. A raw, unflinching look at horrific challenges and loss.

10:10 PM

24 Hours in Police Custody (2014)

The Siege: Feature-length special telling the gripping inside story of an armed siege in a tower block, with unprecedented access to the police command suite.

11:50 PM

New: Kingpins

The Arms Dealer of Lebanon: Ben Zand meets notorious criminals. This time, he gets an exclusive insight into the dangerous world of arms trading in conflict-ravaged Lebanon. (Ep2/3)

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