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Nikka Zaildar Poster

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Police in Pollywood Poster

Police in Pollywood is a Punjabi film directed by Sunita Dhir.

Yaaran Da Katchup Poster

When Catchup turns Ketchup, we get 'Yaaran Da Katchup' - a story of 3 college friends Hardy Gill (Hardy Sandhu), Arjun Singh (Anil Juneja) and Fateh King (Varun Sharma).


22G Tussi Ghaint Ho Poster

22g Tussi Ghaint Ho is a Punjabi comedy film starring Bhagwant Mann, Rupan Bal, Upasana Singh and Canadian YouTuber Jus Reign (Jasmeet Singh). Film is written by Bhagwant Mann himself and is directed by Vishal Parasher.

Lucky Di Unlucky Story Poster

The story is based on the lives of ladiesman Lucky; and his three married friends and how they enchance minor troubles.


Dulla Bhatti Poster

Dulla Bhatti Wala is New Punjabi Drama Film directed By Minar Malhotra,The star cast of the Film Binnu Dhillon, Sardar Sohi, B.N. Sharma, Aman Hundal, Amar Noorie, Dev Kharoud, Nirmal Rishi & Malkit Rauni,The film is released on 10 June 2016

Nikka Zaildaar Poster

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Singh Vs Kaur Poster

A small town boy gets trapped by his own lies.


Balbiro Bhabi Poster

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Baghi Soormey Poster

Outraged at the British treatment of Indians, farmer turned soldier Jagga (Gugu Gill) decides to fight the colonizers. While creating serious problems for the British, Jagga suffers personal setbacks that inspire him to continue his struggle for independence. Fighting alongside his allies, Jagga carries his deceased mother's traditional scarf, which he proudly waves as an independence flag.

Mehandi Wale Hath Poster

Mehndi Waley Hath is a Punjabi Pakistani film directed by Syed Noor starring Saima, Moammar Rana and Babar Ali. Mehndi Waley Hath was Syed Noor's unofficial follow up to Choorian and subsequently expectations among the public as well as within the industry were sky high.

Majaajan Poster

Majaa in this movie Govindan (Manivannan) is a thief who has two children. Aadhi (Pasupathy) and Mathi (Vikram). Years go by and the two, Aadhi and Madhi, decide to stop stealing and mend their ways and lead a hardworking life along with their father. They migrate to neighboring village and meet a retired agricultural officer, Chidambaram (Vijayakumar) who is in deep debts and is under pressure from the village's landlord, Kalingarayar (Murali) to clear his debts.

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