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Nicolas Cage's poster
Nicolas Cage (Captain McVay)
Tom Sizemore's poster
Tom Sizemore (McWhorter)
Matt Lanter's poster
Matt Lanter (Bama)
Thomas Jane's poster
Thomas Jane (Chuck Gwinn)
Emily Tennant's poster
Emily Tennant (Clara)
Craig Tate's poster
Craig Tate (Garrison)
Cody Walker's poster
Cody Walker (West)
James Remar's poster
James Remar (Admiral Parnell)
Max Ryan's poster
Max Ryan (Lt. Chuck Gwinn)
Currie Graham's poster
Currie Graham (Captain Ryan)
Callard Harris's poster
Callard Harris (Lt. Standish)
Brian Presley's poster
Brian Presley (Waxman)
Patrice Cols's poster
Patrice Cols (Jean-Pierre)
Shamar Sanders's poster
Shamar Sanders (Quinn)
Yutaka Takeuchi's poster
Yutaka Takeuchi (Commander Hashimoto)
Adam Scott Miller's poster
Adam Scott Miller (D'Antonio)
José Julián's poster
José Julián (Sanchez)
Weronika Rosati's poster
Weronika Rosati (Louise Mcvay)
Gary Grubbs's poster
Gary Grubbs (Judge Bazemore)
Emily Marie Palmer's poster
Emily Marie Palmer (Donna)
Mattie Liptak's poster
Mattie Liptak (Paul)
Johnny Wactor's poster
Johnny Wactor (Connor)
Mandela Van Peebles's poster
Mandela Van Peebles (Throdore)
Joey Capone's poster
Joey Capone (Alvin)
Matthew Pearson's poster
Matthew Pearson (Deuce)
Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh's poster
Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh (Cdr. Cavanaugh)
Casey Myers's poster
Casey Myers (Fireplug)
Justin Nesbitt's poster
Justin Nesbitt (Lindy)
Kenta William Tomeoki's poster
Kenta William Tomeoki (Daisuke)
Zero Kazama's poster
Zero Kazama (Nakadai)
Judd Lormand's poster
Judd Lormand (Lt. Carroll)
Jacob McManus's poster
Jacob McManus (Billingsly)
Jaime Channing's poster
Jaime Channing (Reporter #1)
Edward J. Delmore III's poster
Edward J. Delmore III (Radio Operator #1)
Jerod Daniel Perez's poster
Jerod Daniel Perez (Listening Sailor)
Stan Houston's poster
Stan Houston (Man #1)
Brian Matney's poster
Brian Matney (Man #2)
Kirk Jordan's poster
Kirk Jordan (Man #3)
Charles Wiedman's poster
Charles Wiedman (Man #4)
Patrick O'Driscoll's poster
Patrick O'Driscoll (Man #5)
Ladson Deyne's poster
Ladson Deyne (Submarine Commander)
Bill Riales's poster
Bill Riales (Judge)
Joshua P. Dease's poster
Joshua P. Dease (Reporter #1)
Michael Brannon's poster
Michael Brannon (Reporter #2)
Zachary James Rukavina's poster
Zachary James Rukavina (Sailor #1)
Marley Van Peebles's poster
Marley Van Peebles (Sailor #2)
Pete Riehm's poster
Pete Riehm (Admiral Neyland)
Jason Rice's poster
Jason Rice (Peleliu Officer)
Rebecca N. Pena's poster
Rebecca N. Pena (Cigarette Girl)
Charity Sills's poster
Charity Sills (Lady of the Night)
Steven Varnes's poster
Steven Varnes (Slim)
Sasha Feldman's poster
Sasha Feldman (Hollis)
Shane Patrick Cavanaugh's poster
Shane Patrick Cavanaugh (Crewman #1)
Weronica Rosati's poster
Weronica Rosati (Louise)
Jon Hayden's poster
Jon Hayden (Admiral (uncredited))
Chris Lott's poster
Chris Lott (Sailor (uncredited))
Eric C. Schmitz's poster
Eric C. Schmitz (Sailor (uncredited))