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Kaya Scodelario's poster
Kaya Scodelario (Claire Redfield)
Robbie Amell's poster
Robbie Amell (Chris Redfield)
Hannah John-Kamen's poster
Hannah John-Kamen (Jill Valentine)
Tom Hopper's poster
Tom Hopper (Albert Wesker)
Avan Jogia's poster
Avan Jogia (Leon S. Kennedy)
Donal Logue's poster
Donal Logue (Brian Irons)
Neal McDonough's poster
Neal McDonough (William Birkin)
Chad Rook's poster
Chad Rook (Richard Aiken)
Marina Mazepa's poster
Marina Mazepa (Lisa Trevor)
Holly de Barros's poster
Holly de Barros (Sherry Birkin)
Janet Porter's poster
Janet Porter (Annette Birkin)
Lily Gao's poster
Lily Gao (Ada Wong)
Nathan Dales's poster
Nathan Dales (Brad Vickers)
Kalie Hunter's poster
Kalie Hunter (Chernobyl Zombie #1)
Josh Cruddas's poster
Josh Cruddas (Ben Bertolucci)
Pat Thornton's poster
Pat Thornton (Truck Driver)
Sammy Azero's poster
Sammy Azero (Enrico Marini)
Dylan Taylor's poster
Dylan Taylor (Kevin Dooley)
Lauren Bill's poster
Lauren Bill (Emma Kendo)
Jenny Young's poster
Jenny Young (Louise)
Matthew MacCallum's poster
Matthew MacCallum (Turning Around Zombie)
Carson Manning's poster
Carson Manning (Orderly)
Pamela MacDonald's poster
Pamela MacDonald (Nurse)
Stephannie Hawkins's poster
Stephannie Hawkins (Sickly Mom)
Nathaniel McParland's poster
Nathaniel McParland (Sickly Boy)
Aleks Alifirenko Jr.'s poster
Aleks Alifirenko Jr. (Zombie)
Kelly Reich's poster
Kelly Reich (Woman In Crowd)
Darren W. Marynuk's poster
Darren W. Marynuk (Self)
Amy Szoke's poster
Amy Szoke (Corridor Zombie #1)
Avaah Blackwell's poster
Avaah Blackwell (Dooley's Zombie)
Heloise Catherine Pead Galvin's poster
Heloise Catherine Pead Galvin (Ashford Twin #1)
Sophia Ann Pead Galvin's poster
Sophia Ann Pead Galvin (Ashford Twin #2)
Andrea Ciacci's poster
Andrea Ciacci (Chernobyl Zombie #2)