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Alec Baldwin's poster
Alec Baldwin (Theodore Templeton (voice))
James Marsden's poster
James Marsden (Tim Templeton (voice))
Amy Sedaris's poster
Amy Sedaris (Tina Templeton (voice))
Jeff Goldblum's poster
Jeff Goldblum (Dr. Armstrong (voice))
Eva Longoria's poster
Eva Longoria (Carol Templeton (voice))
Lisa Kudrow's poster
Lisa Kudrow (Janice Templeton (voice))
Jimmy Kimmel's poster
Jimmy Kimmel (Ted Templeton (voice))
Ariana Greenblatt's poster
Ariana Greenblatt (Tabitha Templeton (voice))
James McGrath's poster
James McGrath (Wizzie (voice))
Raphael Alejandro's poster
Raphael Alejandro (Nathan (voice))
Serenity Reign Brown's poster
Serenity Reign Brown (Meghan (voice))
David Soren's poster
David Soren (Jimbo (voice))
Molly K. Gray's poster
Molly K. Gray (Creepy Girl (voice))
Ashlyn Lundahl's poster
Ashlyn Lundahl ('No' Girl (voice))
Tom McGrath's poster
Tom McGrath (Dr. Tiffany Hamilton (voice))
Reyn Doi's poster
Reyn Doi (Box Kid (voice))
Walt Dohrn's poster
Walt Dohrn (Baby Bouncer (voice))
April Lawrence's poster
April Lawrence (Acorn Center Computer (voice))
Miles Bakshi's poster
Miles Bakshi (Young Tim Voice-Over (voice))
Marjorie Cohn's poster
Marjorie Cohn (Pageant Mom 2 (voice) (as Margie Cohn))
Nicholas Gist's poster
Nicholas Gist (Les triplés (voice))
Collin Erker's poster
Collin Erker (Enfant temps mort (voice))
Kristin Lowe's poster
Kristin Lowe (Maman spectacle 1 (voice))
Margie Cohn's poster
Margie Cohn (Maman spectacle 2)
Connor Albrecht's poster
Connor Albrecht (Dreidel Kid (voice))