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Andy Lau's poster
Andy Lau (Yu Shun-tin)
Louis Koo's poster
Louis Koo (Fung Chun-kwok)
Michael Miu's poster
Michael Miu (Lam Ching-fung)
Karena Lam's poster
Karena Lam (Chow Man-fung)
Chrissie Chau's poster
Chrissie Chau (Chan Ching-mei)
Cherrie Ying's poster
Cherrie Ying (Sister Ca)
Michelle Wai's poster
Michelle Wai (Apple)
Philippe Joly's poster
Philippe Joly (Jozsef)
Kent Cheng Jak-Si's poster
Kent Cheng Jak-Si (Yu Nam)
Jin Au-Yeung's poster
Jin Au-Yeung (Cho Ping)
Elena Kong's poster
Elena Kong (Ching)
Cheung Kwok-Keung's poster
Cheung Kwok-Keung (Ming)
Carlos Chan's poster
Carlos Chan
Gordon Lam's poster
Gordon Lam
Sam Lee's poster
Sam Lee
Jai Day's poster
Jai Day
Singh Hartihan Bitto's poster
Singh Hartihan Bitto (Ali)