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Vincent Zhao's poster
Vincent Zhao (Su Can / Su Qi-Er)
Zhou Xun's poster
Zhou Xun (Yuan Ying)
Andy On's poster
Andy On (Yuan Lie)
Guo Xiaodong's poster
Guo Xiaodong (Ma Qingfeng)
Jay Chou's poster
Jay Chou (God of Wushu / Drunken God)
Michelle Yeoh's poster
Michelle Yeoh (Sister Yu)
Feng Xiaogang's poster
Feng Xiaogang (Pickpocket)
David Carradine's poster
David Carradine (Anton)
Cung Le's poster
Cung Le (Militia Leader)
Gordon Liu Chia-Hui's poster
Gordon Liu Chia-Hui (Old Sage)
Liu Geng-Hong's poster
Liu Geng-Hong (Iron Lad)
Jiang Luxia's poster
Jiang Luxia (Iron Maiden)
Bryan Leung Kar-yan's poster
Bryan Leung Kar-yan (Su Wan-Kun)
Jacky Heung's poster
Jacky Heung (Imperial Prince)
Yan Ni's poster
Yan Ni (Bar owner)
Hao Xia's poster
Hao Xia (Performer)