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Jack O'Connell's poster
Jack O'Connell (Gary Hook)
Sean Harris's poster
Sean Harris (Captain Sandy Browning)
Paul Anderson's poster
Paul Anderson (Sergeant Leslie Lewis)
Sam Reid's poster
Sam Reid (Lt. Armitage)
Sam Hazeldine's poster
Sam Hazeldine (C.O.)
Barry Keoghan's poster
Barry Keoghan (Sean Bannon)
Charlie Murphy's poster
Charlie Murphy (Brigid)
Richard Dormer's poster
Richard Dormer (Eamon)
Killian Scott's poster
Killian Scott (Quinn)
Babou Ceesay's poster
Babou Ceesay (Corporal)
David Wilmot's poster
David Wilmot (Boyle)
Martin McCann's poster
Martin McCann (Paul Haggerty)
Jack Lowden's poster
Jack Lowden (Thommo)
Valene Kane's poster
Valene Kane (Orla)
Adam Nagaitis's poster
Adam Nagaitis (Jimmy)
Joshua Hill's poster
Joshua Hill (Carl)
Barry Barnes's poster
Barry Barnes (Jake Fullarton)
Aaron Monaghan's poster
Aaron Monaghan (McCann)
Liam McMahon's poster
Liam McMahon (O'Brien)
Paul Popplewell's poster
Paul Popplewell (Training Corporal)
Jim Sturgeon's poster
Jim Sturgeon (Sergeant John Vickers)
Denise Gough's poster
Denise Gough (Lillian Hughes)
Dawn Bradfield's poster
Dawn Bradfield (Sean's Mum)
Eabha MacCabe's poster
Eabha MacCabe (Sean's Little Sister)
Paul Kennedy's poster
Paul Kennedy (Johnny)
Ben Peel's poster
Ben Peel (Ruc Man)
Jonah Russell's poster
Jonah Russell (Barracks Officer)
Gerard Jordan's poster
Gerard Jordan (Huge Man)
Amy Molloy's poster
Amy Molloy (Mother in Raided House)
Corey McKinley's poster
Corey McKinley (Loyalist Child)
Chris Patrick-Simpson's poster
Chris Patrick-Simpson (Older Loyalist)
Terence Keely's poster
Terence Keely (Younger Loyalist)
Cathy White's poster
Cathy White (Good Samaritan)
Emmet Kirwan's poster
Emmet Kirwan (Gang Member)
Tom Cowling's poster
Tom Cowling (Large Soldier)
Aaron Lynch's poster
Aaron Lynch (Young Boy at Riot)
Andy Moore's poster
Andy Moore (RUC Man)
Peter McNeil O'Connor's poster
Peter McNeil O'Connor (Warden)
Harry Verity's poster
Harry Verity (Darren)
Ben Williams-Lee's poster
Ben Williams-Lee (Recruitment Soldier)