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Hayden Panettiere's poster
Hayden Panettiere (Beth Cooper)
Paul Rust's poster
Paul Rust (Denis Cooverman)
Jack Carpenter's poster
Jack Carpenter (Rich Munsch)
Lauren London's poster
Lauren London (Cammy)
Lauren Storm's poster
Lauren Storm (Treece)
Shawn Roberts's poster
Shawn Roberts (Kevin)
Jared Keeso's poster
Jared Keeso (Dustin)
Brendan Penny's poster
Brendan Penny (Sean)
Marie Avgeropoulos's poster
Marie Avgeropoulos (Valli Wooley)
Josh Emerson's poster
Josh Emerson (Greg Saloga)
Alan Ruck's poster
Alan Ruck (Mr. C)
Cynthia Stevenson's poster
Cynthia Stevenson (Mrs. C)
Pat Finn's poster
Pat Finn (Coach Raupp)
Andrea Savage's poster
Andrea Savage (Dr. Gleason)
Violet Columbus's poster
Violet Columbus (Sullen Girl (Angelica))
Anna Mae Routledge's poster
Anna Mae Routledge (Patty Keck)
Anja Savcic's poster
Anja Savcic (Victoria Smeltzer)
William Vaughan's poster
William Vaughan (Paul Bergie)
Darien Provost's poster
Darien Provost (Young Rich)
Samm Levine's poster
Samm Levine (Convenience Store Clerk)
Ellie Harvie's poster
Ellie Harvie (Female Cop at High School)
Dalias Blake's poster
Dalias Blake (Cop at Lake)
Emily Tennant's poster
Emily Tennant (Raupp's Sophomore 2)
Maggie Ma's poster
Maggie Ma (Raupp's Sophomore 3)
Natalie von Rotsburg's poster
Natalie von Rotsburg (Librarian)
Dharrol Alves's poster
Dharrol Alves (Laughing Teen #1)
Karyn Michelle Baltzer's poster
Karyn Michelle Baltzer (Laughing Teen #2)
Devin Douglas Drewitz's poster
Devin Douglas Drewitz (Laughing Teen #3)
Lucy Lu's poster
Lucy Lu (Laughing Teen #4)
Brandon Barton's poster
Brandon Barton (Party Boy #1)
John J. Gulayets's poster
John J. Gulayets (Party Boy #2)
Dante Alridge's poster
Dante Alridge (Young Bully #1)
Ifeanyi Obanye's poster
Ifeanyi Obanye (Young Bully #2)
Chevy Lamont Cofield's poster
Chevy Lamont Cofield (Party Boy (uncredited))