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Nicolas Cage's poster
Nicolas Cage (Balthazar Blake)
Jay Baruchel's poster
Jay Baruchel (Dave Stutler)
Monica Bellucci's poster
Monica Bellucci (Veronica Gorloisen)
Alfred Molina's poster
Alfred Molina (Maxim Horvath)
Teresa Palmer's poster
Teresa Palmer (Becky Barnes)
Ethan Peck's poster
Ethan Peck (Andre)
Alice Krige's poster
Alice Krige (Morgana le Fay)
Toby Kebbell's poster
Toby Kebbell (Drake Stone)
Omar Benson Miller's poster
Omar Benson Miller (Bennet)
Jake Cherry's poster
Jake Cherry (Young Dave)
Peyton List's poster
Peyton List (Young Becky)
James A. Stephens's poster
James A. Stephens (Merlin)
Gregory Woo's poster
Gregory Woo (Sun-Lok)
Ian Alda's poster
Ian Alda (Physics Student)