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Jason Scott Lee's poster
Jason Scott Lee (Bruce Lee)
Lauren Holly's poster
Lauren Holly (Linda Lee)
Robert Wagner's poster
Robert Wagner (Bill Krieger)
Michael Learned's poster
Michael Learned (Vivian Emery)
Nancy Kwan's poster
Nancy Kwan (Gussie Yang)
Lim Kay Tong's poster
Lim Kay Tong (Philip Tan)
Ric Young's poster
Ric Young (Bruce's Father)
Luoyong Wang's poster
Luoyong Wang (Yip Man)
Sterling Macer Jr's poster
Sterling Macer Jr (Jerome Sprout)
Sven-Ole Thorsen's poster
Sven-Ole Thorsen (The Demon)
Ong Soo Han's poster
Ong Soo Han (Luke Sun)
Eric Bruskotter's poster
Eric Bruskotter (Joe Henderson)
Aki Aleong's poster
Aki Aleong (Principal Elder)
Chao Li Chi's poster
Chao Li Chi (Elder)
Sam Hau's poster
Sam Hau (Young Bruce)
Iain M. Parker's poster
Iain M. Parker (Brandon Lee)
Michelle Tennant's poster
Michelle Tennant (Shannon Lee)
Clyde Kusatsu's poster
Clyde Kusatsu (History Teacher)
Alicia Tao's poster
Alicia Tao (April Chun)
Kong Kwong-Keung's poster
Kong Kwong-Keung (Mr. Ho)
Anthony Carpio's poster
Anthony Carpio (Chef)
Tako Chan Tat-Kwong's poster
Tako Chan Tat-Kwong (Chef)
John Lacy's poster
John Lacy (Nunnemacher)
Harry Stanback's poster
Harry Stanback (Benny Sayles)
Michael Cudlitz's poster
Michael Cudlitz (Tad Overton)
Forry Smith's poster
Forry Smith (Green Hornet)
Sean Stanek's poster
Sean Stanek (Assistant Director)
Van Williams's poster
Van Williams (Green Hornet Director)
Alan Eugster's poster
Alan Eugster (Propman)
Paul Raci's poster
Paul Raci (Bad Guy)
Ed Parker Jr.'s poster
Ed Parker Jr. (Ed Parker)
Shannon Lee's poster
Shannon Lee (Party Singer)
Robert Garrett's poster
Robert Garrett (Krieger's Butler)
Lala Sloatman's poster
Lala Sloatman (Sherry Schnell)
Fu Suk Han's poster
Fu Suk Han (Cha Cha Dancer)
Nick Brandon's poster
Nick Brandon (Boatswain)
Louis Turenne's poster
Louis Turenne (Maitre D')
Paul Mantee's poster
Paul Mantee (Doctor)
Jonathan Penner's poster
Jonathan Penner (Studio Executive)
Jan Solomita's poster
Jan Solomita (Heckler)
Shannon Uno's poster
Shannon Uno (Heckler)
Rob Cohen's poster
Rob Cohen (Enter The Dragon Director)
Pamela Holt's poster
Pamela Holt (Head Cheerleader (uncredited))
Mark King's poster
Mark King (Boatswain (uncredited))
Johnny Mask's poster
Johnny Mask (Party Dancer (uncredited))
John Cheung Ng-Long's poster
John Cheung Ng-Long (Johnny Sun)
Johnny Cheung Wa's poster
Johnny Cheung Wa (Chef)