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Tue 8:00 AM, 18 May 2021 / Zee Tamil

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal (2014)

Kathir (Udhayanidhi) a Madurai lad goes to Coimbatore with a purpose and very soon flips for the charms of a beautiful Pavithra (Nayanthara) who is their neighbor. But Pavithra is already in love with her friend Gautham (Sundar) who is 'not a nice guy'. Kathir who was looking out for his friend at college Mayil (Santhanam) bumps into suddenly and he turns love advisor for Kathir.

Mon 8:00 AM, 17 May 2021 / Zee Tamil

Maragadha Naanayam (2017)

Maragadha Naanayam (Emerald Coin) is about two small-time smugglers who try to steal a highly valuable emerald artefact, which is believed to be cursed. To safeguard themselves from the evil spirit to whom the relic belongs, they seek the help of three ghosts!

Sun 5:00 PM, 16 May 2021 / Star Vijay HD

Bhoomi (2017)

A shoe-smith Arun Sachdeva (Sanjay) is shattered when he discovers that his daughter, Bhoomi (Aditi) has been raped by Dhauli (Sharad) and his gang of three. The father and daughter grieve for a bit before planning revenge.

Sun 1:00 PM, 16 May 2021 / J Movies

Soora Samhaaram (1988)

Soora Samhaaram is a 1988 Tamil language film starring Kamal Haasan in the role of police officer, ACP Athi Veerapandiyan. This medium budget action film also stars Nirosha (credited in title as Mythili), Nizhalgal Ravi, Pallavi and Kitti. Mani Rathnam's long time associate Krishnamurthy (Kitty) appears as villain Mohandas.Soora Samharam is well known for 2 major action scenes which was based from The Untouchables and Lethal Weapon. The story of the film is based on Peter Weir's 1985 acclaimed d

Sun 4:30 AM, 16 May 2021 / Zee Tamil

Patanjali Yoga By Swamy Ramdev

Baba Ramdev emphasises on the importance of yoga and demonstrates various asanas and breathing exercises that enable one to lead a healthy and stress-free life.

Sun 4:00 AM, 16 May 2021 / J Movies


A newly-wed couple receives a painting as a gift from their friends. Their lives turn into a nightmare when the painting comes to life.

Sun 1:00 AM, 16 May 2021 / J Movies

Oru Malarin Theerpu (1985)

Nandhini and Sudha are devoted sisters and Sudha is overdependent on Nandhini. Nandhini wants Murthy, an employee in her company, to marry Sudha but he politely declines, citing status conflict.

Sat 8:00 AM, 15 May 2021 / Zee Tamil

Rekka (2016)

A young man haunted by his actions in the past gets caught in the rivalry between two gangsters.

Fri 8:00 AM, 14 May 2021 / Zee Tamil

Kuttram 23 (2017)

A case involving the disappearance of a pregnant woman turns into a personal one for the cop who is tasked with investigating it.?

Fri 2:00 AM, 14 May 2021 / Zee Tamil

Super Mom (2014)

Chris has just moved to the East Coast, and already his workaholic father is encouraging him to make new friends. Luckily football (soccer) practice is starting up, and Chris meets a few kids on the team-including his cute neighbor Mara. When Mara invites Chris to help liberate some mistreated animals from the local fair, Chris accepts. They head to the fair that night, but get busted by ringleader Malick, who chases them off the grounds. It isn't until the next morning that Chris realizes Momo,

Thu 8:00 AM, 13 May 2021 / Zee Tamil

Mannar Vagaiyara (2018)

A care-free youngster lands in trouble when he helps his brother to win the lady of his life.