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Find what are the newest Hindi Film programs to watch on Zee Cinema HD channel.
Last Updated: May 22, 2024 10:20 AM (Indian Standard Time)

About Zee Cinema HD
Zee Cinema is a Hindi satellite movie channel in India based in Mumbai.[1] The channel is owned by the popular Zee Entertainment Enterprises which is a part of Essel Group, and broadcasts in many countries around the world. The channel was formerly a part of the STAR TV channel umbrella. Founded in April 1995, Zee Cinema was the first Hindi movie channel in India.

Upcoming Premieres

Let's check what are upcoming premieres in Zee Cinema HD channel

Note: This premiere information is at Zee Cinema HD channel level i.e. when a program is shown for first time in Zee Cinema HD channel.
World televison premiere i.e. first time on tv information may be different

Past Premieres

Have a look at past premieres in Zee Cinema HD channel

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