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Thu, 7:30 PM 1 Dec

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal

Kashibai is raised as a spoiled child. She faces challenges as an adult when her husband Peshwa works to expand the Maratha empire and she must prove that she is capable of becoming an administrator. E01.

Thu, 8:30 PM 1 Dec

Kundali Bhagya (2017)

Before dying, Raghuveer tells his daughters, Preeta and Shrishti, about their sisters, Pragya and Bulbul, who stay with Sarla in Mumbai. Later, Preeta and Shrishti come to Mumbai to look for Sarla.

Thu, 9:00 PM 1 Dec

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain

A woman faces various trials and tribulations in her personal and marital life when she plans to pursue her dreams after marriage. E04.

Thu, 9:30 PM 1 Dec

Punar Vivaah (2012)

Yash, a wealthy widower with two daughters, marries Aarti who has a son from her previous marriage. Both individuals face many ups and downs in their second endeavour to embark on the marital journey.

Thu, 10:30 PM 1 Dec

Main Bhi Ardhangini

The show will showcase the unconditional love of a wife (Ardhangini) towards her husband. Another character present in the show is Madhav’s first wife Chitra, who is dead but her spirit is determined to save her husband from any upcoming danger. Anjali Priya will be seen as Chitra in the show.

Thu, 11:00 PM 1 Dec


It features a storyline of a vamp snatching a woman’s husband and the woman fighting with the vamp to get her husband back. It shows measures that how a woman fights to win back the husband even from the clutches of the witch. The lead characters are names as Ram and Sia in the TV show.

Fri, 6:30 AM 2 Dec

Enjoy Everyday Life

Bible teacher Joyce Meyer reaches out to both Christians and non-Christians, as she illustrates how to make each day better by applying biblical principles to every activity.

Fri, 10:00 AM 2 Dec

Jamai Raja

Siddharth, a hotelier, takes up the responsibility of repairing the relationship between his independent wife, Roshni, and his enterprising mother-in-law, Durga Devi.

Fri, 12:00 PM 2 Dec

Qurbaan Hua

A man and woman decide to marry each other in order to destroy each other's families as they believe they lost their loved ones because of certain uncalled events.

Fri, 1:00 PM 2 Dec

Doli Armaano Ki (2013)

After Ishaan's death, Urmi raises her children, Shaurya and Ishaani, single-handedly. However, her problems do not end as Damini, Ishaan's mother, blames Urmi for her son's death and harasses her.

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