Sony Pal Channel Hindi Serial Premiere (Page 1)

Sony Pal channel Hindi Serial premieres. Find what are the newest Hindi Serial programs to watch on Sony Pal channel.

Programs are sorted in the order of first shown in Sony Pal channel.

Note: This is not information about world television premier i.e. first time on India television. It's about when a program is shown for very first time on the channel as per our internal records.

Wed 3:00 PM, 27 Apr 2022

Tera Kya Hoga Alia

Alia, a beauty-pageant winner and teacher, leads a simple life with her husband, Alok. However, their happiness is threatened when a new woman, Tara, enters their lives as a co-worker.

Wed 1:32 AM, 27 Apr 2022

Hum Aapke Hai In Laws (2013)

Comedy series revolving around a young couple who live in a posh locality. They are surrounded by families who turn out to be more than neighbours, since they are none other their own in-laws.

Thu 11:00 AM, 10 Feb 2022

Hero - Gayab Mode On (2020)

Aeons ago, in a great war between the good and evil, the powerful ring was forged by the dark side. It could make the wearer invisible. After the war, the ring is lost and only a true hero can wear it

Sat 6:00 PM, 5 Feb 2022

Kaatelal & Sons (2020)

Dharampal Thakur lives with his twin daughters Garima and Susheela and owns a haircutting salon. However, things change when the daughters decide to run their father's business.

Wed 7:30 AM, 5 Jan 2022

Vighnaharta Ganesha

Kartikeya remains adamant and destroys Soorapadman's weapons. In a fit of rage, Soorapadman uproots a mountain and proceeds to disrupt the ritual. E705.

Wed 10:30 AM, 20 Oct 2021

Jeannie Aur Juju

Captain Vicky comes across a genie trapped in a bottle on an island. The genie falls in love with Vicky and starts making his life better with her magical powers. E01.

Sat 7:00 AM, 16 Oct 2021

Sat 7:00 AM, 4 Sep 2021

Gutur Goon 2

A silent comedy series revolving around Balu and his family. He has a demanding wife, a TV addicted grandmother and parents who have their own set of quirks. They all tend to get into silly troubles.

Sat 6:00 PM, 14 Aug 2021

Patiala Babes

Miliye Mini aur babes se. Beti aur Maa ki yeah jodi lekar aa rahi hai apni ek anokhi kahaani. Shuru ho raha hai ek naya show, PatialaBabes, jald hi sirf Sony Entertainment Television par. From promo

Sat 6:00 PM, 12 Jun 2021

Wed 9:30 AM, 17 Feb 2021

Sabse Bada Kalakar

Children between the ages of four and 13 showcase their acting skills and render solo and group acts to impress the judges and win the title.

Sat 6:00 PM, 16 Jan 2021


The story of Bhakharwadi revolves around two families that hail from different cultures living in the same city, Pune as neighbors. Both are competitors in business. The former runs an ancestral shop