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12:11 AM

Love Is in the Air (2013)

Antoine, a lawyer from New York, travels to France for the final round of a job interview. On the flight, he is seated next to Julie, his ex-girlfriend, with whom he has to make awkward conversation.

1:47 AM

The Circus (1928)

The Tramp is hired by the proprietor of a circus after he stumbles into the middle of a performance and becomes the star attraction. He ends up falling in love with a horse rider.

3:00 AM

Mune (2015)

When a group of evildoers steal the sun, the guardians of the moon and the sun set out on a journey to fight against the group and retrieve the sun.

4:23 AM

Mabel's Married Life (1914)

After being bullied by a man in the bar, a drunk Charlie returns home to his wife Mabel, only to find a dummy hanging in his house. He presumes it to be his bully and begins throwing punches at it.

4:38 AM

Will & Grace (2017)

Will, a gay lawyer, allows his best friend Grace, an interior designer, to stay in his house for a temporary period after her marriage falls apart. But she ends up being his permanent roommate. USA 1998.

5:00 AM

Will & Grace (2017)

Will, a gay lawyer, allows his best friend Grace, an interior designer, to stay in his house for a temporary period after her marriage falls apart. But she ends up being his permanent roommate. USA 1998.

5:26 AM

Fly Me to the Moon (2008)

Nat is determined to reach the moon and stealthily enters a rocket with his two friends to execute this goal. However, they encounter fierce competition from another Russian rocket.

7:14 AM

Breaking Up (1997)

Monica and Steve are deeply in love and have been in a relationship for more than two years. However, owing to their impulsive and passionate nature, they are not able to find harmony together.

8:36 AM

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

Inventor Caractacus Potts transforms an old Grand Prix car into a magical flying vehicle that teleports him and his family to a kingdom ruled by the evil Baron Bomburst.

11:01 AM

Queen Bees (2021)

Helen is an independent senior who decides to temporarily move into a nearby retirement community where she experiences several new things.

12:40 PM

Date Movie (2006)

Julia, an obese woman, is convinced that she will never find the love of her life and decides to lose weight. Later, she meets Grant and falls for him but they have to face many challenges to unite.

1:55 PM

No Strings Attached (2011)

After a break-up, Adam is looking for a casual relationship when he runs into Emma. They agree to maintain a strictly physical association, but things get complicated when they both fall in love.

3:30 PM

Marley & Me (2008)

A happily married couple's life changes after they adopt a free-spirited pup named Marley who, along with his antics, manages to teach them and their children important life lessons.

5:23 PM

Beauty Shop (2005)

Gina works at a salon but her dream is to own a beauty shop. She quits her job and sets up her own business. It soon becomes the best place to get great haircuts and have heart-to-heart conversations.

7:08 PM

Step Up All In (2014)

After a long struggle, Sean gets an opportunity to participate in an upcoming dance competition. He teams up with two talented dancers and his old crew to win the competition.

9:00 PM

What's Your Number? (2011)

Ally suffers from the worst time of her life when her career ends after her boyfriend dumps her. She decides to get her life back on track by finding true love from the men she dated in the past.

10:40 PM

Monte Carlo (2011)

Grace, who is vacationing in Paris with her best friend and stepsister, is mistaken for a British heiress. The three women are whisked away to Monte Carlo, where they discover royalty and romance.

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