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Thu, 10:00 AM 13 Jun

Chhota Bheem (2011)

Bheem and his Friends are having a great time in Dwarka with their friend Kanha.Mayandri tries to attack Kanha with some leopards but fails as Kanha fights them off with ease.Bheem gets injured and his friend Krishna offers to heal up his injury and just before the Dholakpurians leave Krishna offers some gifts to them.Bheem gets a pendant,Chutki gets a stylish ring,Raju gets a catapult and Jaggu got a compass whereas Kalia got a powder for when he blows on anyone can hear what they are thinking

Thu, 11:30 AM 13 Jun

Chhota Bheem Movie-Cb And Hanuman

Bheem is an extremely brave, strong and intelligent young boy. All the children in the town are very fond of him, as he always manages to solve everyone's problems.

Thu, 12:30 PM 13 Jun

Chhota Bheem - Dholakpur To Kathmandu (2012)

Bheem and his friends are invited to spend their vacations in Kathmandu.Their trip is not without mishap, as a young ape is separated from its father. Bheem defeats the jaguars, and unites the ape with its father.

Thu, 2:00 PM 13 Jun

Little Singham Ki Black Shadow Se Takkar

Little Singham, a brave young policeman, faces a new challenge in the form of Black Shadow, a mysterious villain, who intends to create havoc on Earth.

Thu, 2:45 PM 13 Jun

LS : Mission International: Secret Plane ki Khoj Part 1

LS : Mission International: Secret Plane ki Khoj Part 1

Thu, 4:00 PM 13 Jun

LS : Mission International: Secret Plane Ki Khoj Part 2

LS : Mission International: Secret Plane Ki Khoj Part 2

Thu, 8:30 PM 13 Jun

Roll No. 21

Kansa, the evil king of Mathura, returns to Earth as Kanishk to finally conquer and reign supreme over the land. Masking his cruel intentions under the disguise of a great humanitarian and ...

Thu, 9:15 PM 13 Jun

Roll No.21 Time Ki Bhool Bhulaiya

Krish, the reincarnation of Lord Krishna, is sent to safeguard the children of Mathura orphanage. There, he fights against the evil principal, Kanishk, in his own mischievous and inimitable way.

Fri, 11:30 AM 14 Jun

Chhota Bheem Movie

Aliens conquer Earth and abduct the king and the princess of Dholakpur. Chhota Bheem and his friends have to play and win a cricket match against the aliens in order to exit Earth.

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