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Fri, 6:00 AM 19 Apr

Swayamvaram (1972)

Vishwam and Sita, who resist the opposition from their families, elope and marry. The unemployed couple begin a happier married life, but soon land in a sea of perils without a source of income.

Fri, 6:30 AM 19 Apr

Manjil Virinja Poovu

A poor 22-year-old young girl, working in a tea plantation is married to a planter's son. However, she stands strong despite the hardships her mother-in-law puts her through.

Fri, 7:00 AM 19 Apr


Narayani, a kind-hearted village girl, takes care of everyone and is an expert in household chores. Moreover, she possesses a mysterious power, which is secret to the villagers.

Fri, 7:30 AM 19 Apr

Fri, 8:00 AM 19 Apr

Oru Chiri Eru Chiri Bumper Chiri 2

Oru Chiri Eru Chiri Bumper Chiri 2 E03.

Fri, 10:30 AM 19 Apr

Fri, 11:30 AM 19 Apr

Oru Chiri Eru Chiri Bumper Chiri 2 Special

Oru Chiri Eru Chiri Bumper Chiri 2 Special E07.

Fri, 11:50 AM 19 Apr

Ivan Maryada Raman (2015)

The lead character Raman (Dileep), is an employee in a rice mill in Pune. He used to carry the rice to the mill for processing on a bicycle. Later he decides to buy an auto rickshaw and goes to his village to borrow money from his mother to buy his dream vehicle. But once he reaches his village he is shocked to find a gang of people waiting there to kill him. The rest of the event forms the crux of the plot.

Fri, 3:20 PM 19 Apr

Lakshmi (2006)

Lakshmi Narayana (Venkatesh) is an elder son in a family with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Lakshmi owns a factory that is worth hundreds of crores. Janardhan (Sayaji Shinde) - a former employee of Lakshm

Fri, 10:00 PM 19 Apr

Sat, 6:00 AM 20 Apr

Ruchi Vismayam

Talented chefs from different regions showcase their culinary skills as they prepare a variety of mouth-watering dishes.

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