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MNX HD premieres. Find what are the newest English Movie programs to watch on MNX HD channel.

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Note: This is not information about world television premier or first time on India television.

Sun 10:00 AM, 1 Aug 2021

Fri 9:01 PM, 30 Jul 2021

Shinjuku Incident (2009)

Steelhead is a Chinese laborer who comes to Japan hoping for a better life. Unable to find honest work and bullied into the shadows with his fellow Chinese illegal immigrants, he soon finds himself a

Thu 1:40 PM, 29 Jul 2021

Who Am I - Kein System Ist Sicher (2014)

Benjamin, a young German computer whiz, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that wants to be noticed on the world's stage.

Wed 11:30 PM, 28 Jul 2021

War Of The Worlds (2005)

Ray Ferrier is a divorced dockworker and less-than-perfect father. Soon after his ex-wife and her new husband drop off his teenage son and young daughter for a rare weekend visit, a strange and powerf

Sun 9:00 PM, 25 Jul 2021

Chappie (2015)

Every child comes into the world full of promise, and none more so than Chappie: he is gifted, special, a prodigy. Like any child, Chappie will come under the influence of his surroundings—some good,

Sat 12:30 AM, 17 Jul 2021

Recipe For Disaster (2003)

Rebecca Korda and her two brothers, Sam and Max, are left alone on opening night of their family-owned restaurant.

Sun 1:05 AM, 11 Jul 2021

A Guy Thing (2003)

Paul Morse is a good guy. When his friends throw him a wild bachelor party, he just wants to keep his conscience clean -- which is why he's shocked when he wakes up in bed with a beautiful girl named

Fri 4:30 AM, 9 Jul 2021

A Film Johnnie (1914)

The Tramp, a film Johnnie (someone who loiters near theaters or studios to meet stars or get a job), attempts to meet his favorite movie actress at the Keystone Studio, but does not win friends there.

Wed 1:07 PM, 7 Jul 2021

Tekken (2010)

In the year of 2039, after World Wars destroy much of the civilization as we know it, territories are no longer run by governments, but by corporations; the mightiest of which is the Mishima Zaibatsu

Mon 9:00 PM, 5 Jul 2021

Black and Blue (2019)

A fast-paced action thriller about a rookie cop who inadvertently captures the murder of a young drug dealer on her body cam. After realizing that the murder was committed by corrupt cops, she teams

Thu 9:00 PM, 1 Jul 2021

Men in Black: International (2019)

The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.

Sun 1:01 PM, 27 Jun 2021

Little Monsters (1989)

A young boy is scared of the monster under his bed. He asks his 6th grade brother to swap rooms for the night as a bet that the monster really exists. Soon the brother becomes friends with the monste