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Fri, 11:00 PM

Yoga Mantra

Mantras are a truly powerful tool. The words, phrases, or sounds you choose as your mantra in your yoga and meditation practices can help to keep you tethered to your mat, and keep your mind focused. ... Mantras are one way to practice mindfulness because we focus on a word or phrase as a way to calm and center the mind.

Sat, 1:30 AM

Yoga Sutra

Jai Sugrim, a certified yoga expert, deconstructs the technique of practising various yoga positions and their uses for the viewers.

Sat, 2:30 AM

Homeo (1967)

O’Leary’s second film is a disjointed collage of beautifully shot footage with the filmmaker’s primitive and experimental soundtrack (lots of harmonium in this one). There are cityscapes, signs and billboards, nudes and plenty of cameos by other French actors/filmmakers of the day. Those with a sharp eye will spot Pierre Clementi (also credited as a cinematographer), Juliet Berto, Michel Auder, Frederic Pardo and more. —Herb Shellenberger

Sat, 3:00 AM

Body Mind & Soul (1992)

A young girl innocently attends a satanic coven's rituals, and is thrown in jail, where she is beaten, abused and raped.

Sat, 3:30 AM


The host along with health experts provides simple tips for a healthy, disease-free lifestyle and steps to prevent any kind of illness.

Sat, 4:00 AM


Top medical doctors and specialists answer viewers' queries on health-related topics.

Sat, 6:00 AM

Sadguru Sannidhilo

Spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev helps viewers develop a positive attitude towards life through his discourses.

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