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Find what are unique Children programs scheduled to show in Disney channel by start time. Note: In this view duplicate programs are not shown.
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Thu, 7:54 PM 1 Dec

Doraemon (2018)

The story is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island novel.

Thu, 9:30 PM 1 Dec

Beyblade Generation 3

Four teenagers embark on adventures around the world to win a championship of Beyblade, spinning tops that have supernatural powers. E302, Japan.

Fri, 3:21 AM 2 Dec

Selfie With Bajrangi

Ankush's life changes when he meets a mysterious nine-year-old child named Bajrangi, who is visible to nobody but him alone.

Fri, 7:32 AM 2 Dec

Guddu (2020)

Guddu tells the story of the titular lion and his friends that run a circus in an all animal world

Fri, 3:25 PM 2 Dec

Fri, 6:32 PM 2 Dec

Gadget Guru Ganesha

Guru, an eight-year-old boy, is best friends with his soft toy, Ganesha. Together they create various gadgets to help them in everyday situations but land themselves in trouble constantly. S01 E09, India.

Sat, 9:31 AM 3 Dec

The Ghost And Molly McGee

Molly McGee, a young girl, wants to do good and help everyone around her. However, due to a curse gone awry, she finds herself stuck with Scratch, a ghost.

Sat, 7:00 PM 3 Dec


Three teenagers form an elite team of superheroes called the Ghostforce to secretly fight against the ghosts that haunt their town.

Sat, 8:00 PM 3 Dec

Magic Bake Off (2021)

Splitting the kids between the ages of 6 and 14 into three teams of two, having them race against the clock to design a Disney-inspired cake, utilizing Tastemade's signature recipe videos and "an enchanted pantry" full of ingredient.

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