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12:30 AM

Food Factory

A Caribbean-inspired candy bar goes through a chocolate waterfall, polenta crisps use huge quantities of rosemary, garlic and cornmeal and maple-flavoured danishes are packed with a special filling.

1:00 AM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

Belize: Bear heads to the jungle of Belize where he tackles a boa constrictor, gets stuck over raging waters and takes to the trees in order to survive.

1:55 AM

Gold Rush

Resurrecting Monsters: Parker cleans out gold-rich land and risks losing Sluicifer during a move to new ground. Later, the Beets try to supercharge their season with a new trommel.

2:50 AM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

Turkey: From freezing mountaintops to the lifeless steppes, Bear battles white-water rapids, takes on 100-foot climbs and confronts poisonous snakes and deathstalker scorpions in Turkey.

3:45 AM

Gold Rush

Frenemies: Parker brokers a deal with Tony to open a new cut on the Indian River. Meanwhile, Tony's new trommel build gets derailed when a fire breaks out.

4:40 AM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

Romania: Bear Grylls enters the heart of the forests in Transylvania, where he encounters steep ravines, cavernous underground water systems and a brown bear.

5:35 AM

Baggage Battles (2012)

Big Boy Bucks: The buyers take a gamble on vintage casino and advertising items that include a statue of an iconic fast-food mascot. Meanwhile, one competitor finds a rare Elvis recording.

6:00 AM

Food Factory

A legendary sandwich snack combines cheese and peanut butter to form a tasty treat and blueberry dumplings are made in the amazingly huge quantity of 1.5 million per shift.

6:28 AM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

The Inside Story: An experienced crew shows what it takes to capture every daring move of Bear Grylls as he tackles the world's toughest terrain.

7:12 AM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

Sierra Nevada: Bear travels to America's greatest mountain range, the Sierra Nevada, and uses his knowledge of American Indian survival techniques to build shelters, calm wild horses and find food.

8:06 AM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

Canadian Rockies: In Canada, Bear is buried alive in an avalanche and sees how long he can survive under a heavy mound of snow and ice.

9:00 AM

Man, Woman, Wild (2010)

Amazon Jungle Maze: Mykel and Ruth get stranded in a wobbly canoe in the Amazon during flood season. The duo struggles to find food while traversing a forest floor that is largely deserted.

9:54 AM

Expedition Unknown With Josh Gates

Columbus: Legend Or Liar?: Josh embarks on a journey around the world to uncover mysteries about Christopher Columbus. Further, Josh looks for Columbus' ship, the Santa Maria.

10:49 AM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

Mount Kilauea: Bear Grylls shows how to survive the big island of Hawaii, home to Kilauea, the world's most active volcano and one of the toughest places on Earth.

11:44 AM

Discovery Superstar

Ivan sets out on a journey to save his friend's 19 rhinoceroses from the poaching epidemic sweeping through South Africa.

12:39 PM

India Revealed

Bear And Rajinis Adventures: Survivalist Bear Grylls sets out on an adventure into the Indian forests with actor Rajinikanth.

1:34 PM

Treasure Quest: Snake Island (2015)

Death Road To Fortune: Chasing a two-billion-dollar fortune, a landslide and a sketchy road put the team in danger as they try to cross South America's Andes Mountains.

2:18 PM

Food Factory

Some of the world's most favourite foods are made in factories, including lasagna, school-safe brownies and Canadian maple syrup.

2:46 PM

Food Factory

Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mints are lovingly finished by hand and the star ingredient of a unique antipasto goes from field to jar in one day.

3:14 PM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

Jungle: In the lethal jungle of Panama, Bear Grylls tackles extreme survival challenges and some grisly food to demonstrate how to get out alive.

4:10 PM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

Bear Eats: Bear Grylls offers tips and tricks on dining in nature's kitchen with nothing except the fat on a camel's hump being beyond him.

5:07 PM

Expedition Unknown With Josh Gates

Lost Mexican City: In Mexico, Josh Gates investigates the mysterious rise and disappearance of Teotihuacan, a powerful civilisation that predated the Aztecs in Mesoamerica.

6:04 PM

Walking The Himalayas

Levison and his guide Malang start their trek in Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor before heading for a 5000-metre wall of snow and ice that leads to northern Pakistan.

7:01 PM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

Deserted Island: Bear Grylls survives the Pacific Ocean, encountering coral reefs, rip currents and relentless surf before coming face-to-face with sharks.

7:58 PM

Man vs. Wild (2011)

African Savannah: Bear Grylls demonstrates how to survive on the African Savannah by becoming a lost tourist. This includes showing ways to find water and food and avoiding predators.

8:55 PM

Expedition Unknown With Josh Gates

Hunting Vampires: Josh Gates confronts the ancient origins and modern legacy of the vampire by examining historical evidence, facts and myths in Eastern Europe.

9:52 PM

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mines

Golden Playbook: Using his experience and knowledge as a weapon, Dave Turin sets out to bring back abandoned mines to life in search of gold.

10:49 PM

Naked And Afraid

Contamination: When a typhoon scatters debris throughout a forest in the Philippines, a stay-at-home mother and a stubborn trucker try to find a way to survive there.

11:45 PM

Naked And Afraid

Curse Of The Chiapas: A football coach and midwife attempt to overcome the curse of Chiapas, Mexico, a location so daunting that no survivalist has completed 21 days.

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