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Fri 11:40 PM, 21 Jan 2022

Daddy Day Camp (2007)

Seeking to offer his son the satisfying summer camp experience that eluded him as a child, the operator of a neighborhood daycare center opens his own camp, only to face financial hardship and stiff

Wed 9:15 AM, 19 Jan 2022

Click (2006)

A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.

Sun 11:10 PM, 9 Jan 2022

The Warriors Gate (2016)

After a mysterious chest opens a gateway through time, teen gamer Jack is transported to an ancient empire terrorized by a cruel barbarian king. Jack will need all of his gaming skills as he battles t

Sun 9:00 PM, 9 Jan 2022

Gringo (2018)

An American businessman with a stake in a pharmaceutical company that's about to go public finds his life is thrown into turmoil by an incident in Mexico.

Sun 4:55 PM, 9 Jan 2022

Double Team (1997)

He's a one-man arsenal... with enough voltage to rock the free world. They Don't Play by the Rules. You're either on their side...or in their way. America's top counter-terrorist usually works alone.

Sun 2:40 PM, 9 Jan 2022

Desperado (1995)

A gunslinger is embroiled in a war with a local drug runner.

Sun 12:35 PM, 9 Jan 2022

Good Luck Chuck (2007)

Cursed since childhood, dentist Charlie Kagan cannot find the right woman. Even worse, he learns that each of his ex-girlfriends finds true love with the man she meets after her relationship with him

Mon 4:25 AM, 20 Dec 2021

Casi Divas (2008)

Four ambitious and beautiful young women. From four very different corners of Mexico. Just like hundreds of others, they are caught up in the frenzy that sweeps the nation when Alejandro Mateos, one o

Sun 2:15 AM, 19 Dec 2021

Volver (2006)

Raimunda (Penélope Cruz) works and lives Madrid with her husband Paco and daughter Paula. Her sister Sole (Lola Dueñas) lives nearby and they both miss their mother Irene (Carmen Maura), who died sev

Sat 4:30 PM, 18 Dec 2021

Replicas (2018)

A scientist becomes obsessed with returning his family to normalcy after a terrible accident.

Sat 5:25 AM, 18 Dec 2021

Resturlaub (2011)

Fearing long-term commitment and the responsibilities of adulthood, a young man decides to begin life anew in a different city. However, the truth soon catches up to him

Fri 1:15 AM, 17 Dec 2021

El Mariachi (1992)

El Mariachi just wants to play his guitar and carry on the family tradition. Unfortunately, the town he tries to find work in has another visitor, a killer who carries his guns in a guitar case. The