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&Flix HD channel English Film premieres. Find what are the newest English Film programs to watch on &Flix HD channel.

Programs are sorted in the order of first shown in &Flix HD channel.

Note: This is not information about world television premier i.e. first time on India television. It's about when a program is shown for very first time on the channel as per our internal records.

Fri 11:30 AM, 25 Mar 2022

The Cable Guy (1996)

When recently single Steven moves into his new apartment, cable guy Chip comes to hook him up -- and doesn't let go. Initially, Chip is just overzealous in his desire to be Steven's pal, but when Ste

Tue 8:05 AM, 8 Mar 2022

Life In A Year (2020)

A 17 year old finds out that his girlfriend is dying, so he sets out to give her an entire life, in the last year she has left.

Sun 1:10 PM, 6 Mar 2022

Zola (2021)

A waitress agrees to accompany an exotic dancer, her put-upon boyfriend, and her mysterious and domineering roommate on a road trip to Florida to seek their fortune at a high-end strip club.

Sun 12:00 PM, 13 Feb 2022

Don't Breathe 2 (2021)

The Blind Man has been hiding out for several years in an isolated cabin and has taken in and raised a young girl orphaned from a devastating house fire. Their quiet life together is shattered when a

Mon 7:00 PM, 7 Feb 2022

Friends with Benefits (2011)

Jamie is a New York-based executive recruiter who entices Dylan, an art director from Los Angeles, to take a job at the New York office of GQ magazine. Finding that they have much in common, the two

Sat 8:00 PM, 5 Feb 2022

IFFI Main Event

IFFI Main Event The International Film Festival of India, founded in 1952, is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia

Sat 8:00 PM, 5 Feb 2022

Sat 7:30 PM, 5 Feb 2022

Sat 7:30 PM, 5 Feb 2022

IFFI Red Carpet

Popular actors and celebrities walk the red carpet ahead of the opening ceremony of the International Film Festival of India.

Sun 12:00 PM, 23 Jan 2022


A young man who is passionate about photography falls in love with a beautiful woman. However, he faces opposition and disapproval from her strict father

Fri 11:40 PM, 21 Jan 2022

Daddy Day Camp (2007)

Seeking to offer his son the satisfying summer camp experience that eluded him as a child, the operator of a neighborhood daycare center opens his own camp, only to face financial hardship and stiff

Wed 9:15 AM, 19 Jan 2022

Click (2006)

A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.