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Sun 12:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Star Pravah HD

Monkey Baat

A young Vayu is forced to leave his childhood friends when his parents decide to shift to Mumbai. He resorts to extreme measures to convince his parents to move back to Kolhapur.

Sat 2:00 AM, 19 Jun 2021 / Star Pravah HD

Chiranjeev (2016)

After a chained Ganya Kaka, suspected of having a curse, commits suicide, a tension arises in the family as to who will be the next person the curse will be passed on to.

Fri 12:00 AM, 18 Jun 2021 / Star Pravah HD

Bhet (2002)

Bhet is a Marathi movie released in 2002. Chandrakant Kulkarni has directed the movie & produced it along with Nitin Patil. Movie plot is based on a mother-son who reunite against all odds & how egos are defeated by emotions and feelings.

Thu 1:30 PM, 17 Jun 2021 / Zee Yuva


The story revolves around the fight between two doctors as Dr. Smita Deshmukh takes on her senior Dr. Khurana over a decision he takes during an operation.

Thu 8:30 AM, 17 Jun 2021 / Zee Yuva

Tingya (2008)

Tingya, where he lives in a village in Maharashtra. Tingya's parents are poor farmer owns a pair of bulls, Chitangya and Patangya. 'Tingya' has a great relationship with Chitangya. Chitangya is part of Tingya's life. One day Chitangya is injured and is unable to stand and cant work in farm. Tingya's father, who is already burdened with debt, is left with no option but to sell the ailing bull to a butcher and buy a new one. The rest of the story consists of how'Tingya' tries to save Chitangya fro

Thu 3:00 AM, 17 Jun 2021 / Star Pravah HD

Bandiwan Mi Ya Sansari (1988)

Bandiwan Mi Ya Sansari is a Marathi movie that released on 30th December 1988. Produced by Prakash Joshi & directed by Arun Karnataki. The plot of the movie is based on sacrifice and turmoil faced by the female protagonist.

Thu 12:00 AM, 17 Jun 2021 / Star Pravah HD

Apan Yana Pahilat Ka

Neela, the daughter of a rich businessman, falls in love with Amol, who hails from a middle-class background. Trouble ensues when Vicky, an affluent young man, is attracted to Neela.

Wed 8:30 AM, 16 Jun 2021 / Zee Yuva

Bandh Premache

Anna Dharmadhikari is a genuine officer who is leading a satisfied and happy life with his four sons. He receives a property from his uncle and he donates it to an orphanage.

Mon 10:00 PM, 14 Jun 2021 / SONY MARATHI

Criminals - Chahul Gunhegharachi

Criminals - Chahul Gunhegharachi Repeat - Tue 12:00 am, E01.

Mon 3:00 PM, 14 Jun 2021 / SONY MARATHI

Pak Pak Pakaak (2005)

A mischievous boy, living with his grandmother in a village that people believe is haunted, meets the ghost "Bhutya". How the "Bhutya" transforms the boy's character and the whole village in the process, forms the rest of the story.

Mon 11:00 AM, 14 Jun 2021 / Zee Yuva

Joshi Ki Kamble

Sanjay, a young man belonging to a lower caste, aspires to be a doctor but is compelled to battle the brutal caste discrimination.

Mon 12:00 AM, 14 Jun 2021 / Star Pravah HD

Ek Cup Chya (2009)

A bus conductor from India and his family struggle to deal with a ridiculously large electricity bill they have been sent by mistake.