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Sun 11:00 PM, 12 Feb 2023 / Zee Keralam

Gloriya Fernandes From USA

Movie - Gloriya Fernandes From USA

Sun 1:00 PM, 12 Feb 2023 / Kairali TV

White Haired Devil Lady

Taking advantage of the emperor's illness, a eunuch in the Ming Dynasty attempts to seize power over the kingdom. However, complications arise when the king is cured.

Sat 11:00 PM, 11 Feb 2023 / Zee Keralam

3 Kodiyum 300 Pavanum (1977)

Gopalakrishnan, a bank employee, tries to do his job honestly. However, the manager's greedy nephew Ananthan creates problems.

Sat 2:00 AM, 11 Feb 2023 / Asianet Plus

Cheppu Kilukkana Changathi

Nandakumaran lies to his villagers that he works as a manager in order to marry the girl he loves. However, problems arise when the girl gets a job in the same city.

Thu 1:00 AM, 9 Feb 2023 / Zee Keralam

Wed 10:30 AM, 8 Feb 2023 / Flowers


A murder case catches the attention of a police officer, a journalist and a priest. With each having their own agendas behind it, their chase for the case results in a conflict between them.

Mon 8:00 PM, 6 Feb 2023 / Kairali TV


Features contestants who try to win the hearts of the judges by singing the traditional Mappilapattus that are Muslim folklore songs sung in the local Mappila dialect of Malayalam laced with Arabic.

Sun 10:00 PM, 5 Feb 2023 / Asianet

Sun 10:00 PM, 5 Feb 2023 / Zee Keralam

Shyamambaram Curtain Raiser

The host presents the preparations and behind-the-scenes moments of 'Shyamambaram', a show depicting the life of a talented singer who finds it difficult to succeed because of the colour of her skin.

Sun 8:00 PM, 5 Feb 2023 / Colors Super

Appu (1981)

A sexually perverse mystery set within the adult magazine industry. A woman is brutally assaulted in an abandoned factory, and her assailant escapes into the darkness after dropping a wad of money. A few years later, a photographer specializing in schoolgirl panty shots meets his match when a mysterious femme fatale volunteers to be his new model. This woman used to be the “queen” of the skin magazines, but she is also hiding a terrible secret and may be a wanted fugitive. Will the photographer

Sun 6:30 PM, 5 Feb 2023 / Zee Keralam

Ini Utharam (2022)

A woman goes to a police station claiming she had murdered one person. Though the police suspect foul play, the investigation starts.

Sun 4:00 PM, 5 Feb 2023 / Asianet

Palthu Janwar

When an animator is forced to work as a veterinary livestock inspector, the fun-filled happenings teach him to relish the nuances of the human-animal bond.