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Sun 10:00 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Surya Music

Itha Oru Snehagatha (1997)

Itha Oru Snehagatha is a 1997 Malayalam film directed by Captain Raju. The film stars Captain Raju, Vikram, Laila and Manthra in lead roles.

Sun 7:00 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Surya Music

Pathram (1999)

Nandagopal, an associate editor with Keralareshmi, one of the leading dailies, is aggressive and daring and enjoys a good reputation among the media circle. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Nandan is the son of Venugopal, a daring journalist who was killed by textile mafia long back. Nandan, in Kochi meets Sekharan, an old naxalite who is running Jagratha, a newspaper which is feared by political class. Sekharan's outspoken and belligerent nature had earned him more enemies than friends. He is con

Sun 6:30 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Jaihind TV

Sun 4:00 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Surya Music

Manthrikan (2012)

Mukundan Unni (Jayaram) is a black magician and an exorcist. He is not really keen about his father's black magic skills and is wiling away his time with two dumb cronies in a remote village. There he meets a girl named Malu (Poonam Bajwa), who has no memories about her past but falls pretty easily for the hero after a couple of songs. But they get separated soon after. Some years later, he is called by a wealthy family to exorcise a spirit (Muktha George) from their palatial house, Shenoy Mandi

Sun 1:30 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Zee Keralam

Kuttram 23 (2017)

A case involving the disappearance of a pregnant woman turns into a personal one for the cop who is tasked with investigating it.?

Sun 1:00 PM, 20 Jun 2021 / Surya Music

Aram + Aram = Kinnaram (1985)

The story revolves around two friends Narayanan Kutty and Balan. Narayanan, known for his flirtatious behaviour with rich women is tricked by his friend Balan. Will Narayanan decode the trap?

Sun 10:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Surya Music

Veera (2011)

Veera Venkata Satyanarayana aka Veera (Ravi Teja) is the son of a landlord (Nazar). But his step mother (Roja) and step sister (Sridevi) stay in city away from them. Meanwhile, his father gets killed from a goon and Veera too murders him. However, a big industrialist (Subbaraju) plans for a power project in their village and wants to vacate the entire village and takes the help of a local don Rayudu (Pradeep Rawat). But Veera halts their efforts. At this juncture, Veera marries Kabaddi Chitti (K

Sun 8:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Zee Keralam

Children's Park

Close friends Rishi and Jerry go to an orphanage in Munnar in an attempt to make quick money. However, circumstances force them and Lenin, a politician's aide, to run the institution.

Sun 7:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Surya Music

Love in Singapore (2009)

The movie stars Mammootty as Machu, an orphan who became rich by selling scrap. The prime location for the film is in a large hall at a bottle recycling factory in Kochi. Machu starts off rather humbly but soon gets rich. A chance meeting with Andrews Perreira (Nedumudi Venu), a high-flying businessman based in Singapore, changes Machu’s life forever. Perreira invites him to Singapore to start a dealership. Before long Machu develops a flair for international business

Sun 1:00 AM, 20 Jun 2021 / Surya Music


Movie starring Shankar, Rajkumar, Jagathy Sreekumar and directed by P Venu.

Sat 10:00 PM, 19 Jun 2021 / Surya Music

Makaramanju (2011)

The film tells the story of Raja Ravi Varma at a certain stage in his life. He is in the process of painting a masterpiece. The theme of his painting is Pururavas, the legendary king who fell in love with the heavenly nymph Urvashi, who later agrees to become his wife on certain conditions, but disappears without a trace when she discovers that the conditions were violated. Pururavas wanders all around to find her and ultimately does get united with his lover. Ravi Varma, during his work, finds