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Zee Classic is India's only Hindi movie channel that showcases films from the golden era of Hindi cinema. The channel with its core proposition 'Woh Zamaana Kare Deewana', is back again on popular demand featuring an all-new look - televisionpost

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Priyatama Poster
Priyatama (2011)
13-Nov-2019 11:35 AM

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Roti Kapada Aur Makaan Poster

After his father's retirement, the onus is on Bharat to look after his Delhi-based family. He has two younger college-going brothers, Deepak and Vijay, and a sister of marriage age, Radha. Bharat is a graduate, but is unable to secure any employment, much to the frustration of his girlfriend, Sheetal. Vijay takes step to secure his own future, by turning to crime, which is strongly opposed by Bharat, and as a result Vijay leaves the house. Mohan is Sheetal's boss, and finds her very attractive.


Kaala Sona Poster
Kaala Sona (1975)
13-Nov-2019 4:30 PM

Several years ago Rakesh's life was turned upside down when his dad was murdered. The only consolation to be drawn by his passing, was that the assailant was also killed. Years later, Rakesh finds out that his dad's killer is still alive, and the police have closed this file. He decides to avenge his father's death and travels to a far-off village, and befriends a young man named Shera. He finds out through Durga, whom he falls in love with, that his father's killer is Sardar Poppy Singh, who ru

Geraftaar Poster
Geraftaar (1985)
13-Nov-2019 7:00 PM

Kishan Kumar Khanna is a well-rate film actor who falls head over heels in love with young, beautiful and attractive Anuradha Saxena much to the dislikeness of her gangster brother who wastes no time in entrapping Kishan in a web of lies and deceits and gets him imprisoned for life. While in jail, Kishan reaches up with his long lost elder brother Karan who has been sentenced for life charged with murdering the Police Commissioner son, Vijay Sinha. Together they both plotted a scheme which will


Aman Poster
Aman (2001)
13-Nov-2019 9:47 PM

A dentist finds himself a murder suspect after a sexy patient seduces him into prescribing her drugs