Surya TV Channel Malayalam Premiere

Find what are the newest Malayalam programs on the Surya TV channel.
Programs are sorted in increasing order of first shown in Surya TV channel and it does not means first shown on indian tv channels or world television premiere.

Bairavaa Poster
Bairavaa (2017)
23-Feb-2019 7:00 PM

A loan recovery agent takes on a corrupt head of an educational institution to save his girlfriend.?

Goodalochana Poster
Goodalochana (2017)
23-Feb-2019 12:30 PM

A group of four friends take the easy route to accomplish their dreams. Even when things go haywire, they try to find an easy way out but, fate has other plans for them and all hell breaks loose when their decisions go wrong.

Sathya Poster
Sathya (2017)
23-Feb-2019 9:00 AM

An IT employee, who works in Australia, gets a call from his ex-lover, asking him to help her find her missing daughter. The former has a tough time ahead when he comes to know about some shocking revelations

Padmasree Bharat Dr. Saroj Kumar Poster

In the film, Sreenivasan reprises the character of Superstar Saroj Kumar from the popular 2005 malayalam film Udayananu Tharam.

Aakashamittayee Poster
Aakashamittayee (2017)
18-Feb-2019 9:00 AM

A father-son movie that travels through the life of three families, especially about a father who nurtures and raises his son as a good human being in the society. The movie also deals with which present-day issues of the school students in the society and other teenager problems. It is a very soothing family entertainer that tries to convey many beautiful messages.

WWW.Annukudumbam.Com Poster
18-Feb-2019 2:30 AM

Life of joji, an orphan, takes a turn when he escapes from the orphanage where he was harassed. Will he manage to live his life alone?

Porus Poster
24-Jan-2019 9:30 PM

Claire is sure of herself, her work and family, until — like a bad dream — her husband disappears, leaving a trail of puzzling secrets that shatter her certainty.

In Harihar Nagar Poster
In Harihar Nagar (1990)
24-Jan-2019 2:30 PM

4 unemployed men who are in Harihar Nagar tries to impress a newly came girl next door.The story goes to the next level when a mysterious man comes and asks for a missing box.

Tiyaan Poster
9-Jan-2019 2:30 PM

The lives of a vedic scholar Pattabhiramagiri and his family come under threat after a godman and his goons try to displace him from his centuries-old ancestral home as part of building an ashram. The “curse” that befalls Pattabhiraman in the face of opposition leaves him broken, till a mysterious ally lends him his support. Their fight against the evil forces forms the rest of the plot.

Lakshmi Stores Poster
Lakshmi Stores
9-Jan-2019 4:00 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Nakshathra Thilakkam Poster
Nakshathra Thilakkam
1-Jan-2019 12:30 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Mottakalum Kattakku Jayasuryayum Poster

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.