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Star Pravah HD premieres. Find what are the newest Marathi Program programs to watch on Star Pravah HD channel.

Programs are sorted in the order of first shown in Star Pravah HD channel.

Note: This is not information about world television premier or first time on indian television.

Premacha Game Same 2 Same Poster
Premacha Game Same 2 Same
27-Jan-2020 8:00 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Khel Mandala Poster
Khel Mandala
22-Jan-2020 12:00 AM

With the delicate father-daughter relationship at the centre, the tale gyrates around the life of the son of a poor puppeteer - Dasu. His zest for the city of Mumbai brings him to the city with his dreams to grow rich. However all his dreams get shattered with the harsh realities of life. Soon as he begins to settle in, he finds an abandoned girl child. He takes up the responsibility to nurture the baby but soon realises that she is blind, deaf and mute!


Gabhricha Paus Poster
Gabhricha Paus
16-Jan-2020 12:00 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Me Honar Superstar Poster
Me Honar Superstar
12-Jan-2020 12:00 PM

Renowned musicians nominate fledging singers for a competition that will give them a chance to kick-start their careers and win the coveted title.

Shahanpan Dega Deva Poster
Shahanpan Dega Deva
11-Jan-2020 2:30 AM

Shahanpan Dega Devaa was released in 2010. Produced by Mirah Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. & directed by Sudesh Manjarekar. The plot of the movie is a comical ride as the city's safety rests on the shoulders of 5 lunatics from a mental asylum.

Aata Pita Poster
Aata Pita
11-Jan-2020 12:00 AM

The protagonist embarks on a journey to pursue his ultimate dream.

Paradh Poster
Paradh (2010)
10-Jan-2020 2:30 AM

Industrialization has reached each and every small village in India and the villages here are bearing the brunt of urbanisation in their own way. This is the story of a family residing in one such village. The family comprises an elder brother Vithal, a farmer by profession, younger brother Anand, a student, and the middle one Yeshwant, a vagabond, who left his education midway. He would squander his time by standing at the local paan shop, and as expected, he volunteers for the local political


Bol Baby Bol Poster
Bol Baby Bol (2015)
1-Jan-2020 12:00 AM

A behind-the-scenes look at Moscow's prestigious Bolshoi Theatre as it's rocked by an acid-attack scandal in 2013.


Saata Jalmachya Gathi Vishesh Poster

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte! Poster
Aai Kuthe Kay Karte!
29-Dec-2019 2:00 AM

Arundhati Deshmukh, a caring housewife and mother, dedicates her life to look after the needs of her family. However, her loved ones often take her modesty for granted.

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte Poster
Aai Kuthe Kay Karte
23-Dec-2019 7:30 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Agnihotra 2 Poster
Agnihotra 2
23-Dec-2019 2:30 AM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.