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12-Dec-2018 3:49 AM

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Mission Istaanbul Poster
Mission Istaanbul (2008)
12-Dec-2018 3:15 AM

A promising journalist Vikas Sagar (Zayed Khan) is offered a position to head a controversial news station in Istanbul by its owner Owais Husain (Sunil Shetty). With this offer comes the promise of money and many other perks that make this offer hard to refuse, especially since Vikas is currently going through a very painful divorce with his wife Anjali (Shriya Saran). After working for the channel that in turn changes his life, he decides to quit, however, it is brought to his attention by a Tu


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Hawaizaada Poster
Hawaizaada (2015)
12-Dec-2018 5:15 AM

The film, set in the pre-independence era of Bombay of 1895, is based on the life on an Indian scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, who is credited to with the construction of India's first unmanned plane, as well as the hardships that he went through on his journey of discovery.

Kya Love Story Hai Poster
Kya Love Story Hai (2007)
12-Dec-2018 7:25 AM

Kya Love Story Hai is the story of a carefree and wayward youth, Arjun, who experiences love-at-first-sight with Kaajal. It isn't a typical meet-cute situation - he follows her for some time before succeeding in breaking the ice. For Kaajal, Arjun is a mere acquaintance, but the latter is in love with her and afraid of conveying his feelings. On befriending her, he learns that she lost her mother years back and that her father was busy traveling abroad on business. A situation arises when Kaajal

Udaan Poster
Udaan (2010)
12-Dec-2018 9:25 AM

After being abandoned for eight straight years in boarding school, Rohan returns to the small industrial town of Jamshedpur and finds himself closeted with an authoritarian father and a younger half brother who he didn't even know existed. Forced to work in his father's steel factory and study engineering against his wishes, he strives to forge his own life out of his given circumstances and pursue his dream of being a writer.

My Brother... Nikhil Poster
My Brother... Nikhil (2005)
12-Dec-2018 11:40 AM

Famous swimmer Nikhil Kapoor (Suri) deals with the repercussions of announcing the fact that he has HIV/AIDS.

Dil Dosti Etc Poster
Dil Dosti Etc (2007)
12-Dec-2018 1:40 PM

Two college boys from diverse backgrounds believe that since time is on their side, anything is possible. Consequently, their arrogance leads them to challenge each other to prove their efficiencies.

Shorgul Poster
Shorgul (2016)
12-Dec-2018 3:10 PM

Set in Uttar Pradesh, this political drama brings light to incidents that rocked headlines across India.

Neerja Poster
Neerja (2016)
12-Dec-2018 5:15 PM

Neerja is a portrayal on the life of the courageous Neerja Bhanot, who sacrificed her life while protecting the lives of 359 passengers on the Pan Am flight 73 in 1986. The flight was hijacked by a terrorist organization.

Ankhon Dekhi Poster
Ankhon Dekhi (2014)
12-Dec-2018 7:15 PM

Raje Bauji is a man in his late fifties, living out a dreary but eventful life in a small house in old Delhi where he lives with his extended family. A random incident is going to change his life in a dramatic way- though he does not realize it yet.

The Ghazi Attack Poster
The Ghazi Attack (2017)
12-Dec-2018 9:00 PM

India’s first underwater war film tries to decode the mystery behind the sinking of Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi during the Indo-Pak war of 1971.

7 Khoon Maaf Poster
7 Khoon Maaf (2011)
12-Dec-2018 11:00 PM

7 Khoon Maaf movie is a romantic misadventures story of an Anglo-Indian woman Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, a beautiful lass who over the course of thirty-five odd years, gets married seven times due to the untimely and mysterious deaths of half a dozen of her hapless husbands. The strange circumstances of their deaths, makes Susanna a prime accused. Did the husbands deserve to die? Were the murders out of necessity or pure blood-lust? Does Susanna ever find her one true love?

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