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5-Nov-2020 2:27 PM

Right from Peon to Principal, and from the most lowly menial staff to the office of the Prime Minister, modern secular India is embedded in corruption by officials who brag that even if Mahatma Gandhi were to approach them to grant access to his very own Sabarmati Ashram, he would not be spared. In this era a honest man is defined as one who readily accepts a bribe and does the needful, while a dishonest man is one who accepts a bribe but refuses to do the needful. It is in this atmosphere that


16-Oct-2020 2:27 PM

Shortly after marriage, Gudiya's husband, Aslam, is summoned to war. After he's declared a deserter, she is married off to Feroz. But Aslam returns to claim her back.

10-Oct-2020 10:58 AM

Siddharth, a police officer who is soon to be divorced, has an affair with Anna. However, when she is found dead, he realises he got more than he bargained for.

9-Oct-2020 10:58 AM

hirty years ago Karam Jindal together with his widowed mom, Gayatri, and wife, Sandhya, had immigrated to London, England. Shortly thereafter Gayatri gets cancer and tragically passes away. Then, Sandhya gives birth to two daughters, Anjali and Sanam. The Jindals accumulate wealth, and are now one of the wealthiest families' in London. Anjali gets married to Akash, while Sanam is on the look-out for her beau. With Karam's 60th birthday coming up, Anjali is busy with preparations for a grand part


3-Oct-2020 2:27 PM

Jo Bole So Nihaal (also transliterated as Jo Bole So Nihal; literally meaning "Whoever utters shall be fulfilled") is a 2005 Bollywood action comedy film, directed by Rahul Rawail. It stars Sunny Deol, Shillpi Sharma and Kamaal Khan in lead roles, whilst Nupur Mehta and Surekha Sikri appear in major supporting roles; the director also plays an antagonistic role in the film. Singer Kamaal Khan appeared first time on big screen in a negative role. This movie was his debut movie as actor. The film

2-Oct-2020 8:28 PM

Radha Krishna(Srikanth) is a daring police officer who wants to settle down in life. Whenever he finalizes a girl, he lands up in trouble and spoils his marriage. On the other hand, Lakshmi Prasanna(Sonia Mann) is a qualified teacher who runs a highly successful school. Radha Krishna spots Lakshmi during an event and falls in love with her.

1-Oct-2020 10:58 AM

Movie starring Pawan, Govind, Sathyasri, Rajendran, Uma, Ananthi and Sanjay Kabeer.

27-Sep-2020 10:58 AM

Akash Verma, a 23-year-old singer, aspires to become a star one day but has not been able to catch a break to date. However, everything changes when his sister gets married to a rich businessman.

18-Sep-2020 2:27 PM

To wed his sweetheart, a man must try and prove himself to her eccentric paternal uncles.

17-Sep-2020 2:27 PM

Dr. Sarin lives with his wife, Sunita, young daughter, Rekha, and his brother, Rajesh. Rajesh is an eligible bachelor, and on the lookout for a life-partner with a view of marriage.