Asianet Plus Channel Malayalam Premiere

Find what are the newest Malayalam programs on the Asianet Plus channel.
Programs are sorted in increasing order of first shown in Asianet Plus channel and it does not means first shown on indian tv channels or world television premiere.

Gulumaal: The Escape Poster
Gulumaal: The Escape (2009)
16-Dec-2018 5:00 PM

Jerry (Jayasurya) is a conman whose actions have led to his separation from his family. He teams up with Ravi (Boban) but their ventures fail due to various differences. Soon Jerry meets an even bigger conman.

Sagar Alias Jackie: Reloaded Poster

An underworld don who operates internationally, Sagar Alias Jacky had to deal with the likes of Naina (Suman) and Goa based Rozario brothers who want to do away with Sagar. But each time Sagar with his fearlessness and brilliance in plotting, outplays them. The film starts off very interestingly when Indhu(Shobhana), the daughter of the state chief minister (Nedumudi Venu) calls Sagar to save her husband Manu (Manoj K Jayan) from the clutches of Rozario brothers.

Gayathridevi Ente Amma Poster
Gayathridevi Ente Amma
15-Dec-2018 4:00 PM

Synopsis not set yet, will be updated soon.

Enthino Pookkunna Pookkal Poster

A married couple comes across another pair and they spend some time together. Soon, they realise that none of them are in love with their spouses and decide to swap partners.

By The People Poster
By The People
14-Dec-2018 10:00 PM

Dedicated Republicans and Democrats work side by side to ensure the voting rights of all U.S. citizens in this revealing documentary, which chronicles the 11 days preceding the 2004 presidential election. The program follows a county clerk and her crew of government workers and volunteers in Marion County, Ind., as they make certain that the disabled, prisoners and everyone in the county is given the opportunity to vote in the seminal election.

Veeralipattu Poster
Veeralipattu (2007)
14-Dec-2018 9:30 AM

Hari (Prithviraj), a Chennai-based software engineer, falls in love with Pooja, (Padmapriya). After having settled in life, Hari returns to his village in Kerala, years after falling out with his father. Pooja too arrives and does her best to reconcile the estranged father and son.

Four The People Poster
Four The People (2004)
13-Dec-2018 10:00 PM

Fed up of the corruption all around, four young men form a secret group called '4 the people' and decide to take on the corrupt on their own. They have a web site and eventually gain enormous support.

Uppu Poster
Uppu (2015)
13-Dec-2018 4:30 PM

A struggling filmmaker agrees to make a film for a big shot, accepting the latter's condition that he cast his daughter as the heroine.

MLA Mani 10 Classum Gusthiyum Poster

As a child, Mani declares that he wants to be a legislator, which gives him the prefix MLA. When he becomes an adult, MLA Mani experiences betrayal and loss while trying to achieve his dream.

Palunku Poster
Palunku (2006)
12-Dec-2018 9:30 AM

Monichan shifts to the city from his village to provide better education to his children. But will things go as planned?

Asthamayam Poster
12-Dec-2018 3:30 AM

A journey which takes him on an inward spiritual peregrination.

Vellathooval Poster
11-Dec-2018 10:00 PM

Jiya, a fun-loving girl, is tired of her conservative family and therefore decides to abscond with her friend Manu. They become good friends but the society misunderstands them.