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Wed, 3:00 AM 4 Aug

War In The Jungle

One of the 'forgotten' wars told by the men that served. In the jungles, mountains and plains of Burma and China, a tough war raged on between the Allied and Japanese armies.

Wed, 6:00 AM 4 Aug

Ambush At Tomahawk Gap (1953)

Hodiak, Brian, Derek and Teal have just been released from prison. They return to Tomahawk Gap, now a ghost town, to retrieve the money that they stole and was buried by a partner somewhere in the to

Wed, 8:25 AM 4 Aug

Crash Dive (1943)

A US Navy submarine, the USS Corsair, is operating in the North Atlantic, hunting German merchant raiders that are preying on Allied shipping. Its new executive officer, Lt. Ward Stewart (Power), has

Wed, 10:05 AM 4 Aug

Nautilus (2000)

Over one hundred years ago, a cataclysmic chain of events plummeted the earth into the dark ages which destroyed most of civilization, and the remaining few survivors attempt to change the course of

Wed, 11:55 AM 4 Aug

Seven Dollars On The Red (1966)

A little boy is abducted by ruthless bandit gang leader El Cachal after Cachal and his men butcher the boy's family with the exception of his father. Johnny Ashley, the gunslinger father of the boy,

Wed, 12:50 PM 4 Aug

Soccer Bites

A celebration of the world's greatest footballers past and present - paying tribute to Pele, Maradona, Messi, George Best, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, and many more!

Wed, 2:00 PM 4 Aug

The Gun That Won The West (1955)

In the late 1880s, Colonel Carrington and his command are assigned the job of constructing a chain of forts in the Sious Indian territory of Wyoming. Carrington recruits former cavalry scouts Jim Bri

Wed, 3:30 PM 4 Aug

The Enemy General (1960)

OSS agent, working with the French underground, ambushes Nazi convoy with high-ranking general, who escapes. Later they take him from a Nazi prison and smuggle him to England.

Wed, 5:15 PM 4 Aug

36 Hours Of Hell (1969)

American marines are sent to a Japanese-occupied Pacific island that has been subjected to a bombing campaign, only to encounter heavy resistance from the surviving enemy forces.

Wed, 7:10 PM 4 Aug

Stonados (2013)

A storm chaser tries to save Boston from destruction when a freak tornado bombards the city with huge boulders.

Wed, 9:00 PM 4 Aug

Sniper Elite (2014)

When Kyle Matthews, an elite Sniper from the World Defense Force, is trapped in enemy territory - his skills are put to the test as he attempts to survive against a whole armada of Cerulean soldiers,

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