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Match 2, Delhi Capitals vs. Kings XI Punjab- Dubai International Stadium, Dubai, UAE

Alby leads a happy life with his wife Ann. However, problems start brewing in his life when his former girlfriend Nimmy, who is abandoned by her husband Vishnu, enters his life.

Tholpavakoothu is a form of shadow puppetry that is practiced in Kerala, India. It is performed using leather puppets as a ritual dedicated to Bhadrakali and is performed in Devi temples in specially built theatres called koothumadams.

Tony (Raghuvaran) is an eccentric young narcotics control officer whose methods are unconventional but effective. His ways don't fit well with the establishment, but they are reluctant to take action because of his successes. Instead he is teamed up with Mohan (Sukumaran) an experienced and mature officer to mend his ways. Together they investigate the operations of the drug mafia in Kochi led by Khalid (Capt. Raju).

A woman falls in love with a man but runs away when her family tries to get her married to someone else. Soon, she meets another man who falls in love with her, leaving her with a difficult choice.