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Colin Firth's poster
Colin Firth (King George VI)
Geoffrey Rush's poster
Geoffrey Rush (Lionel Logue)
Helena Bonham Carter's poster
Helena Bonham Carter (Queen Elizabeth)
Guy Pearce's poster
Guy Pearce (King Edward VIII)
Timothy Spall's poster
Timothy Spall (Winston Churchill)
Michael Gambon's poster
Michael Gambon (King George V)
Jennifer Ehle's poster
Jennifer Ehle (Myrtle Logue)
Derek Jacobi's poster
Derek Jacobi (Archbishop Cosmo Lang)
Freya Wilson's poster
Freya Wilson (Princess Elizabeth)
Ramona Marquez's poster
Ramona Marquez (Princess Margaret)
Richard Dixon's poster
Richard Dixon (Private Secretary)
Robert Portal's poster
Robert Portal (Equerry)
Eve Best's poster
Eve Best (Wallis Simpson)
Paul Trussell's poster
Paul Trussell (Chauffeur)
Adrian Scarborough's poster
Adrian Scarborough (BBC Radio Announcer)
Andrew Havill's poster
Andrew Havill (Robert Wood)
Charles Armstrong's poster
Charles Armstrong (BBC Technician)
Roger Hammond's poster
Roger Hammond (Dr. Blandine Bentham)
Calum Gittins's poster
Calum Gittins (Laurie Logue)
Dominic Applewhite's poster
Dominic Applewhite (Valentine Logue)
Ben Wimsett's poster
Ben Wimsett (Anthony Logue)
David Bamber's poster
David Bamber (Theatre Director)
Jake Hathaway's poster
Jake Hathaway (Willie)
Patrick Ryecart's poster
Patrick Ryecart (Lord Wigram)
Teresa Gallagher's poster
Teresa Gallagher (Nurse)
Simon Chandler's poster
Simon Chandler (Lord Dawson)
Claire Bloom's poster
Claire Bloom (Queen Mary)
Orlando Wells's poster
Orlando Wells (Duke of Kent)
Tim Downie's poster
Tim Downie (Duke of Gloucester)
Dick Ward's poster
Dick Ward (Butler)
John Albasiny's poster
John Albasiny (Footman)
Danny Emes's poster
Danny Emes (Boy in Regent's Park)
Anthony Andrews's poster
Anthony Andrews (Stanley Baldwin)
John Warnaby's poster
John Warnaby (Steward)
Roger Parrott's poster
Roger Parrott (Neville Chamberlain)
Dean Ambridge's poster
Dean Ambridge (Royal Marine (uncredited))
James Currie's poster
James Currie (Binky (uncredited))
Graham Curry's poster
Graham Curry (Infantry (uncredited))
Tony Earnshaw's poster
Tony Earnshaw (Policeman (uncredited))
Sean Talo's poster
Sean Talo (BBC Technician / Soldier (uncredited))