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Liam Hemsworth's poster
Liam Hemsworth (Jake Morrison)
Jeff Goldblum's poster
Jeff Goldblum (David Levinson)
Bill Pullman's poster
Bill Pullman (President Whitmore)
Maika Monroe's poster
Maika Monroe (Patricia Whitmore)
Sela Ward's poster
Sela Ward (President Lanford)
William Fichtner's poster
William Fichtner (General Adams)
Vivica A. Fox's poster
Vivica A. Fox (Jasmine)
Charlotte Gainsbourg's poster
Charlotte Gainsbourg (Dr. Catherine Marceaux)
Brent Spiner's poster
Brent Spiner (Dr. Brakish Okun)
Judd Hirsch's poster
Judd Hirsch (Julius Levinson)
Patrick St. Esprit's poster
Patrick St. Esprit (Secretary of Defense)
Joey King's poster
Joey King (Sam)
Jessie Usher's poster
Jessie Usher (Dylan Hiller)
Chin Han's poster
Chin Han (Commander Jiang Lao)
AngelaBaby's poster
AngelaBaby (Rain Lao)
Grace Huang's poster
Grace Huang (Lin Tang)
Ryan Cartwright's poster
Ryan Cartwright (Officer Ryan Collins)
Garrett Wareing's poster
Garrett Wareing (Bobby)
Gbenga Akinnagbe's poster
Gbenga Akinnagbe (Agent Matthew Travis)
Mckenna Grace's poster
Mckenna Grace (Daisy)
Ron Yuan's poster
Ron Yuan (Yeong)
Alice Rietveld's poster
Alice Rietveld (Secret Service Agent)
Nicolas Wright's poster
Nicolas Wright (Floyd Rosenberg)
Travis Tope's poster
Travis Tope (Charlie Miller)
James A. Woods's poster
James A. Woods (Lt. Ritter)
Robert Loggia's poster
Robert Loggia (General Grey)
Deobia Oparei's poster
Deobia Oparei (Dikembe)
Travis Hammer's poster
Travis Hammer (Jeffrey Fineman)
John Storey's poster
John Storey (Dr. Isaacs)
Hays Wellford's poster
Hays Wellford (Felix)
Sam Quinn's poster
Sam Quinn (Radar Officer)
Alma Sisneros's poster
Alma Sisneros (Aide 2)
Diana Gaitirira's poster
Diana Gaitirira (Comms Officer)
Humberto Castro's poster
Humberto Castro (Parisian Office Worker)
Richard Beal's poster
Richard Beal (Military Brass)
Joshua Mikel's poster
Joshua Mikel (Armand)
Monique Candelaria's poster
Monique Candelaria (Tech Officer)
Stafford Douglas's poster
Stafford Douglas (Flight Officer)
Robert Neary's poster
Robert Neary (Captain McQuaide)
Beth Bailey's poster
Beth Bailey (Nurse)
Mona Malec's poster
Mona Malec (DC Hospital Nurse)
Grizelda Quintana's poster
Grizelda Quintana (Road Rage / Confrontation Driver)
Lance Lim's poster
Lance Lim (Kevin)
Brandon K. Hampton's poster
Brandon K. Hampton (Officer)
Kenny Leu's poster
Kenny Leu (Ping Li)
Joel Virgel's poster
Joel Virgel (Jaques)
Jacob Browne's poster
Jacob Browne (Prison Tech)
Matthew Munroe's poster
Matthew Munroe (Prison Tech)
Jade Scott Lewis's poster
Jade Scott Lewis (Salt Flat Tech)
Zeb Sanders's poster
Zeb Sanders (Camper Henry)
Donovan Tyee Smith's poster
Donovan Tyee Smith (Camper Marcus)
Omar Diop's poster
Omar Diop (African Guard)
Stephen Oyoung's poster
Stephen Oyoung (Young Man)
Casey Messer's poster
Casey Messer (Local Reporter)
J.P. Murrieta's poster
J.P. Murrieta (Local Reporter)
Ava Del Cielo's poster
Ava Del Cielo (Young Mother (uncredited))
Leilei Chen's poster
Leilei Chen (Background (uncredited))
Catharine Pilafas's poster
Catharine Pilafas (Flight Officer (uncredited))
Katrina Kavanaugh's poster
Katrina Kavanaugh (ESD Tech (uncredited))
Jason E. Hill's poster
Jason E. Hill (Marine (uncredited))
Sylvie Hagan's poster
Sylvie Hagan (Scientist (uncredited))
Evan Bryn Graves's poster
Evan Bryn Graves (Pilot P. Goodman (uncredited))
Aaron Tyler's poster
Aaron Tyler (Tug Pilot (uncredited))
Jenna Purdy's poster
Jenna Purdy (Voice of Sphere)
Arturo del Puerto's poster
Arturo del Puerto (Bordeaux)
Ben Wang's poster
Ben Wang (Chinese President)
Nicholas Ballas's poster
Nicholas Ballas (French President)