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Ben Stiller's poster
Ben Stiller (Alex (voice))
Sacha Baron Cohen's poster
Sacha Baron Cohen (King Julien XIII (voice))
David Schwimmer's poster
David Schwimmer (Melman (voice))
Frances McDormand's poster
Frances McDormand (Captain Chantel DuBois (voice))
Chris Rock's poster
Chris Rock (Marty (voice))
Jada Pinkett Smith's poster
Jada Pinkett Smith (Gloria (voice))
John DiMaggio's poster
John DiMaggio (Rico (voice))
Cedric the Entertainer's poster
Cedric the Entertainer (Maurice (voice))
Jessica Chastain's poster
Jessica Chastain (Gia (voice))
Bryan Cranston's poster
Bryan Cranston (Vitaly (voice))
Martin Short's poster
Martin Short (Stefano (voice))
Paz Vega's poster
Paz Vega (Carmen (voice))
Frank Welker's poster
Frank Welker (Sonya (voice))
Andy Richter's poster
Andy Richter (Mort (voice))
Tom McGrath's poster
Tom McGrath (Skipper / First Policeman (voice))
Chris Miller's poster
Chris Miller (Kowalski (voice))
Christopher Knights's poster
Christopher Knights (Private (voice))
Conrad Vernon's poster
Conrad Vernon (Mason / Second Policeman (voice))
Vinnie Jones's poster
Vinnie Jones (Freddie the Dog (voice))
Steve Jones's poster
Steve Jones (Jonesy the Dog (voice))
Nick Fletcher's poster
Nick Fletcher (Frankie the Dog (voice))
Danny Jacobs's poster
Danny Jacobs (Croupier / Circus Master (voice))
Dan O'Connor's poster
Dan O'Connor (Casino Security / Mayor of New York City (voice))
Eric Darnell's poster
Eric Darnell (Comandante / Zoo Official / Zoo Announcer (voice))
Stephen Kearin's poster
Stephen Kearin (Fourth Policeman (voice))
Emily Nordwind's poster
Emily Nordwind (Zoo Official (voice))
Asucena Jimenez's poster
Asucena Jimenez (Kid in Crowd (voice))