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Senior Moment

After losing his driving license, a retired NASA pilot begins a life-changing journey to recover it. Drama with William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd. (2021)(92 mins)

The Scoundrels


Undercover Punch and Gun


Future Cops


Lucid Dreams


Booby Trap

1957. Drama. An absent-minded professor invents a pen that will explode on the sound of bells... then leaves it in a taxi. Starring Sydney Tafler and Harry Fowler.


1948. Crime drama starring Derek Farr, Carole Landis and Stanley Holloway. Sugiani, a black-market racketeer (Joseph Calleia), is amassing a fortune until reporter Linda Medbury (Landis), is on to him

George Formby 1960

A couple of short musical performances on stage by actor, singer-songwriter and comedian George Formby in 1960.

Rogue's Yarn

1956. Crime drama directed by Vernon Sewell. A husband plots to kill his rich wife. Does he have the perfect alibi? Starring Derek Bond and Hugh Latimer.

Talking Pictures Remembers

James Hayter. Robin Hayter talks about his father James. Known on screen as Mr Pickwick and the voice of Mr. Kipling's Cakes. We also look into family archives and the man behind the famous chuckle.

Operation Diplomat

1953. Crime. Directed by John Guillermin. Stars Guy Rolfe, Lisa Daniely, Patricia Dainton. A surgeon is forced to operate on an injured man by a gang of smugglers.

Captain Apache

1971. Western. Stars Lee Van Cleef, Carroll Baker & Stuart Whitman. A Native American becomes an Army officer tasked with investigating a murder. His only clue is buried in the victim's final words

Detective Gui

宅女桂香(王珞丹 飾)3歲識字、7歲抓小偷、13歲幫警察破案,是遠近聞名的天才偵探。然而高智商的桂香却有情商缺陷,無法走出情傷。此時,一宗碎尸案發生在她面前,幷將她捲入另外一宗更離奇的案件。在尋找真凶的過程中,桂香遇到刑警阿哲(周渝民 飾),他看似無害却總是跟她作對的,兩個人展開了一場智力角逐,也離真相越來越近。


Janakaraj is a cook whose son falls in love with a rich girl. However, his uncle creates obstacles in their relationship and Janakaraj's son decides to go abroad to teach him a lesson.