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Serena Williams vs Justine Henin - Final: Professional tennis players from around the world compete against each other in the 2010 edition of the Australian Open, one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, held in Melbourne.

North East vs SC East Bengal: Eleven professional clubs compete against each other in the 2020/21 Indian Super League, a prestigious football league, in an attempt to emerge champions, live.

Professional mixed martial artists compete with each other in the 2020 edition of the ONE Championship in an effort to emerge victorious, live.

Little Singham Aur Kaal Ka Mahajaal: When a powerful demon and his minions lay siege to Mirchi Nagar, it is up to Little Singham to defeat the forces of evil.

1st T20I: Highlights of a match played between the national cricket teams of Australia and India during the 2020 edition of the T20 International.

1st T20I: Professional cricket teams from Australia and India compete against one another in a Twenty20 International in 2020, live.

CCFC vs Bengaluru: Highlights of matches played during the 2020/21 Indian Super League, a prestigious football tournament wherein eleven clubs compete in a bid to emerge champions.

Murugan and his wife, Laxmi, go to the city to make a new beginning. However, they are soon duped by their new friend Dharmalingam, who takes advantage of their naivete.

Sellayi and Kumaresan love each other, but a gang of people who are against their relationship murder them. The dead couple comes back as ghosts to exact revenge.

1st T20I: Highlights from the T20 International matches played in 2020 between India and Australia where both teams compete to win the series.

1st T20i: The national teams of Australia and India compete against each other to emerge victorious at the 2020 edition of a cricket series, live.

Dr. Jekyll, a scientist carries out an experiment that goes wrong and transforms him into a monstrous alter-ego. He must face the ramifications of his darker psychological side.

The host sheds light on the main deity of the Sukh Sagar Temple and interacts with the devotees who come from afar to seek the blessings of the Almighty, live.

Satyadev's brother, Tyagaraj, marries his lover, Leela after returning from studying abroad. Unfortunately, she is self-obsessed and separates him from his family to maintain her status and pride.

Leicester City FC vs. Fulham FC- King Power Stadium, Leicester, UK

Everton FC vs. Leeds United FC- Goodison Park, Liverpool, UK