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Manchester United FC vs. Crystal Palace FC- Old Trafford, Manchester, UK

The host presents the latest news from the world's largest democracy and gives updates on various policies formed by the government.

Prominent Sikh scholars, leaders and spiritual gurus recite the holy Gurbani, which are compositions by numerous Sikh Gurus.

Chandrashekhar, a dreaded prisoner serving a death sentence for murder, is shifted to another judicial custody where Dharma Teja is the jailor. However, Chandrashekhar is trying to escape the prison.

A twist in the fate of twin brothers with different personalities and interests causes one of the brothers to adopt the other's life and seek revenge.

BK Sudesh: Learn about the foundation behind every personal connection one has with people around them and understand how to take responsibility of personal emotions.

International Peace Day Celebrations - PEACE-A-THON 2020

BK Amirchand: A spiritual leader delivers a discourse on the significance of sharing experiences with other and how it helps achieve peace of mind.

Gokul Mission: Cattle breeders of rural India talk about livestock production, protection and improvement and systematic ways of breeding stocks. They also shed light on the technology used.

A religious leader provides a discourse on the sacred distinction of Adhik Maas, an additional month in the Hindu calendar.

Chhota Bheem embarks on an adventurous journey to Petra where he takes part in an annual sports competition and beats a dacoit named Dark Hands. He subsequently rescues two beautiful princesses.

After agreeing to marry the man Sunita chooses for her, the countdown for Inchara's wedding has begun. The family members start preparing for her marriage with Rishabh.

Anjali, a young woman, falls in love with Rahul, a young man she presumes to be a millionaire. However, upon realising that he is not as wealthy, she decides to desert him.

Uthradachinthu: Popular music bands from across the country enthral the audience with their foot-tapping numbers at an event held as part of the Onam celebrations in Kerala.

Chinna Seshavahanam: A live broadcast of the traditional ceremony conducted at Tirumala which features the holy worship of Lord Brahma.