Premier of urdhu language programs on television

Premiere of programs in language Urdhu. Find what are newest programs in language Urdhu.
Programs are listed in order of last addition. Scroll down to see more.

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Dum Laga Ke Hasna

To save their own life both friends gets into a wed-lock

Kisso Ka Khazana

Pinocchio, a wooden toy, comes alive and has several adventures. A boy turns into an animal after drinking magical water.

Sweety Special

Sibling fights, jealosy,troubling each other in multiple ocaasionsbetween two sister. A weired relationship, difficult to understand the love amonst each other


When the public tries to outsmart the police by not wearing masks. Citizens step out of their homes, using various excuses to get by the police. A patient takes on different personalities and drives

Aks Aur Lakshmi

Ganapati aarti in a beautiful temple. Krishna bhajan where he protests his innocence. Meera bai bhajan, with a graceful choreography. Carnatic fusion music set to the skyline of Mumbai. Tulsidas dohe


When Bhim meets Hidimba for the first time. After which Ghatotkach is born and soon stands out for his kind heart and strength.