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Premiere of programs in language Urdhu. Find what are newest programs in language Urdhu.
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Shiny Aur Shasha

Shiny and Shasha's grandfather teaches them to respect everybody. Shiny helps his dog atom. Shiny and Shasha's mother teaches them to respect their guests. Shiny's grandfather teaches Sasha and him to

Koi Sataye Hamein Bataye

The host provides an in-depth analysis of various lesser-known issues affecting small businesses and the economic wellbeing of local communities across India.

Jurm Ka Chehra

A crime show which recreates horrific incidents, leading to the perpetrator being apprehended by the police. With a host to guide you through the sequence of events, this show will keep you on the edg

Aastic Ek Vishwas

Shree Krishna plays a trick on Lord Brahma. A devotee's cows are stolen, but his good deeds save him. Shree Krishna shows a devotee that he is present in the sacred tulsi.

Ridhu Pidhu

Learn the difference between good and bad habits. Ridhu and Pidhu can be good and bad. Ridhu troubles and plays pranks on his cousin.

Chu Chu Ke Funs

Sattire on the police force while they are on duty and taking bribe for unneccessary reason

Traveling Mondays

Spend a few days in Jaisalmer with Traveling Mondays and learn what's the best in that city! A hyper lapse view of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur.