Premier of urdhu language programs on television

Premiere of programs in language Urdhu. Find what are newest programs in language Urdhu.
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Khooni Mondays

A pair of ghosts live in a haunted house and do their best to rob the lives of those who live there. An evil spirit with three heads goes around town, sucking out the life force from its victims. A ad

Faridabad Rockers

Kalua's father and wife have a fight, leading to a war between them and Kalua gets stuck in that war. When Kalua's friend Phoolchand is beaten up, his wife nurses him but goes to meet Kalua after gett

Elvish Yadav

A brother and sister love each other and will do anything for each other. Important lessons from a brother and sister's relationship.


Nattu and Guddu participate in a food cooking competition, but forget one important thing. One day all the children decide to cook chicken, but they don't have the main ingredient.