Premier of telegu language programs on television

Premiere of programs in language Telegu. Find what are newest programs in language Telegu.
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Akbar Saleem Anarkali (1979)

Saleem falls in love with a dancer named Anarkali, which angers Akhbar, his father who doesn't approve of their love. Unable to stay away from each other, they sacrifice their life for love.


Using black magic, an evil spirit tries to harm the husband of a devotee of Goddess Durga. Although she tries many tricks, she finally succumbs to the wife's faith in god and leaves the man unharmed.

Sardar Gabbar Singh (2016)

Gabbar Singh arrives at the empire of Rathanpur to save the princess and the civilians from the ruthless criminal Bhairav Singh.

Soofiyana Mousiqee

Talented musicians and artists perform Sufi songs, a dying genre of music that is traditional to Kashmir.

Culture Of Various Ethnic Group Of Kashmir

Shrines of Muslims & Hindus in J&K: The filmmaker sheds light on the different cultures in Kashmir and the diversity in the traditions of their various ethnic groups.