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Iruvar Mattum

Selvi, a young woman, runs away from home to avoid getting married to a man of her parent's choice. Her life takes a turn when she meets Azhagu, a man surviving by himself in the jungle.

AGP (2022)

A girl loses her family to an accident and that leads her to this disorder along with hallucination and depression. Her boyfriend goes missing in a hospital which is all over the news for all the wron

MSV Tribute with SPB

A joyous musical treat and tribute by Producer MSV with Singer SPB.

Shiva Animation S2

A fun-loving 9 year old Shiva, comes to your rescue wherever he smells trouble brewing.

Devaki (2019)

A mother sets out on a quest to find her missing daughter in the city of Kolkata.


Shepards in the Nallamala Forest defy the odds as they protect their sheep from the dangerous attacks of predators, both animal and human.

Anbarivu (2022)

Separated twins, Anbu and Arivu have been brought up in two worlds, one which is filled with blood stain and revenge and the other is filled with Wisdom and Peace. Anbu and Arivu are forced to switch

Illayaraja (2019)

A drama film directed by Madhav Ramadasan, starring Guinness Pakru,Gokul Suresh and Harisree Ashokan in the lead roles.