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Highlights from the best Cricket World Cup matches, wherein the teams of various nations compete to win the prestigious trophy.

Shiva, an antique shop owner, secretly despises rich people and murders them due to his dark past. However, things go haywire when a detective named Avudaiyappan moves into Shiva's building.

Bhairavi takes care of an injured Anandan and the two fall in love. However things take a turn when even Kalyani, Anandan's cousin, falls in love with him.

A special show on the occasion of Pongal that marks the end of the harvest season in Tamil Nadu. People make pongal, a traditional rice preparation, in clay pots using fresh milk.

Ugraputran discovers his royal origins and decides to swap places with his dumb twin brother. He exposes his evil uncle and also manages to save the kingdom from the Britishers.