Schedule of Gujrati language programs

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5-Mar-2021 6:00 AM

Mahavir Hanuman

Lord Hanuman, the symbol of strength and devotion, plays a crucial role in the life of Lord Ram. He serves Lord Ram wholeheartedly and comes to be known as Sankat Mochan.

5-Mar-2021 6:00 AM

Shrimad Rajchandra

Shrimad Rajchandra was a Jain poet, mystic, philosopher, scholar and reformer. Born near Morbi, he was a prodigy and claimed to have recollection of his past lives at the age of seven.

5-Mar-2021 6:30 AM

Overdrive (2017)

Master car thieves square off against French gangsters in the South of France with money, women and lives all on the line.