Schedule of Urdhu language programs

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5-Mar-2021 7:00 AM

Anokhi Kahaniya

People care about virtues, but less care taken for vices , in this episodes we are having stories of vices and how it helps in shaping your inner self if you take care of them

5-Mar-2021 7:30 AM

Mazedaar Kahaniya

A foolhardy tortoise wants to fly and puts his life in danger. A strict father punishes his generous and kind-hearted daughter. Two sisters meet the kind tooth fairy. A story of friendship between an ant and an elephant. True friendship can thaw the coldest of hearts.

5-Mar-2021 8:00 AM

5-Mar-2021 8:00 AM

Kya Bolta Insta

Two friends discuss and go all out on others' Instagram stories. Motivating dancers and people from all walks of life, who are the kings and queens in their daily life. Watch this episode to know more about the talented mother-daughter duo whose dancing will make you want to put on your dancing shoes, or then watch a soccer fan show his moves!