Schedule of Urdhu language programs

Find schedule of Urdhu programs on tv. Programs are sorted in increasing order of start time.


Telecast of an event wherein renowned Sufi singers entertain the audience through their performance.

Yo Yo Yogesh

Different types of auto rickshaw wallas. Indian cycle rickshawwalas and their funny stories. A girl fools a boy into thinking she'll get him something to eat. A girl tries to drive the car in an innov

Koi Sataye Hamein Bataye

The host provides an in-depth analysis of various lesser-known issues affecting small businesses and the economic wellbeing of local communities across India.

This Is Sumesh

A boy loves a girl but when he faces her family, he runs away.

Sweety Special

Sibling fights, jealosy,troubling each other in multiple ocaasionsbetween two sister. A weired relationship, difficult to understand the love amonst each other