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An honest businessman's enemies come under suspicion when he is found murdered.

Best Of Punjabi Cinema

The host plays a compilation of the memorable scenes from various popular movies.

Lohri Dhamaal

A comprehensive compilation of famous songs that celebrate Lohri is played.

Yaar Pardesi (2012)

Yaar Pardesi is the story of two NRI girls and their foreign friend who reach India, befriending Kukku who they believe is a taxi driver. Through their journey, the girls face romance and are wooed by

Wake Up Singh (2016)

Wake up Singh is a family drama about the increasing culture of drugs in the youth of Punjab. Gursevak Singh belongs to a religious upper class Sikh family who lives the life of an ideal son and is po

Thana Sadar (2021)

A man hides from the world by committing a crime, but nature is always a witness to a crime.

Tunka Tunka (2021)

A boy dreams of becoming a national-level cyclist, but his father is a poor farmer who wants him to study. His talent is noticed by a professional cycling coach who insists he join the academy for tra

Ik Surili Sham - Punjab Di Koyal De Naam

Various singers and musicians pay tribute to Surinder Kaur on her birth anniversary.

Bhai Taru Singh

Bhai Taru Singh, a saint, was brutally tortured to death for refusing to convert to Islam.

Putt Jattan De (1983)

Two young men belonging to warring families fall in love with the same woman. The situation worsens because of the newly formed triangle.