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An aspiring dancer joins her terminally ill mother on a road trip to a village where she wishes to spend her last days. During the journey, they explore new places and make unexpected memories.

After the death of Nivrutti Ubhe, the head of Ambegaon village, his family members fight amongst themselves to take his place.

When Jyotiba's mother calls out to him in an hour of crisis, he races towards her and vows to destroy the evil Ratnasur who torments the weak and less-privileged. E01.

A devoted wife who longs for a child of her own faces problems due to her soured relations with her conniving husband who has become disillusioned with his reality.

Disha, a young woman, vows to bring about a change in her village after she faces hardships in her relationship with her boyfriend due to social pressure.

When Ram is about to lose his land to an unscrupulous moneylender, his daughter's teacher decides to help him. However, in return, he wants to adopt Ram's daughter, whom he loves like his own child.

Female contestants weighing more than 70 kilograms compete against each other to win the coveted title and showcase their talent.

Jay and Aditi, a young married couple, belong to a middle class family. They take up a job in the same company where they keep their married status a secret.