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Premier of korean language programs on television

Premiere of programs in language Korean. Find what are newest programs in language Korean.
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School 2017

'School,' the hugely popular series, is back for 2017! The drama highlights a variety of important issues facing South Korea's teenagers.

Hotel Del Luna



Synopsis to be updated when available.


Seo-jin only had success in his life. But, his life turns into a nightmare when his daughter gets kidnapped. Meanwhile, Ae-ri receives the news that her mother's heart transplant surgery is approved.

Kkondae Intern

Two opposites - the worst kkondae, Lee Man-sik the general manager, and a punching bag intern, Ga Yeol-chan - meet! Yeol-chan visits a rice soup place that's involved in a lawsuit with their company a

Dr. Jin

Korea's best neurosurgeon Jin Hyuk's lover Mi-na is at death's door. He meets a strange patient who repeats, "I must go back," before jumping. Hyuk tries to stop him and a light flashes. He witnesses

Young Lady and Gentleman

About a turbulent story that takes place where a poor "Lady" and "A gentleman" meet to fulfill their responsibility for their choices to find happiness.




Follow the lives of the South Korean celebrities, along with their mothers as they watch footages of their sons and/or daughters' daily activities!

Chuseok Special Documentary: Mainlanders on Cheongsando

There are landowners who voluntarily entered the island. In Cheongsando Island, which is said to be very meticulous, the story of "Honest Cheongsando Living" of four outsiders who are more popular tha