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Love Way Passagali

Pooja loves Prasad, her classmate, but her family opposes their union and wants her to marry Inspector Raghu. However, when Raghu realises Pooja's feelings, he decides to reunite the two lovers.

Vanadevathe (1976)

Chandran, an artist, falls in love with a tribal woman. She gets murdered by an evil businessman. When Chandran learns about her death he decides to take revenge against the murderer.



A dark secret and greed for acquiring an ancient treasure eventually lead an old royal family of Karnataka to the path of destruction.

Pudhu Mugam

When Shiva saves a group of children from terrorists, he is recruited into the Indian army. Later, he falls in love with Anjali, who is unaware of his real identity.

Rathnagiri Rahasya

A young prince is abducted by his father's rival but is mistakenly dropped in the forest. After he grows into a vicious caveman and gets transformed by his lover, he sets out to find his parents.

Gaali Maathu

Gaali Maathu is a 1981 Indian Kannada drama film, directed and produced by the Dorai - Bhagwan duo. It is based on the novel of the same name by Ta. Ra. Su. The film stars Jai Jagadish, Lakshmi, Hema Choudhary and Kokila Mohan in the lead roles.

Bedara Kannappa (1954)

A hunter tries to prove his extreme devotion to Lord Shiva by removing both of his eyes.

Hoo Male - Mithuna Raashi Mahasangama

Lahari has a secret love affair with Mukund but has to convince her mother who is an ambitious politician and is determined to get Lahari married to a politician who is a widower with a son.

Ajay-Vijay (1990)

Two brothers who grow up in separate households are reunited by their mother to avenge the murder of their father and her honour.