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Movie starring Prabha, Archana Sharma and directed by Elango Laxmanan.

Gajasimha turns into a reputed politician despite Thimmaya's countless attempts to thwart him. On the other hand, karate expert Avinash and secret agent Mary work together to fight crime.

Sahana falls in love with Naveen. Later, she is sent to jail for a crime she did not commit and awaits to exact revenge from the culprit.

A group of reporters from a television channel are eager to cover the 'Nirvana pooja' carried out by the tribals of Pacha Malai. What happens to them when they barge into the Pacha Malai forest?

Reminiscing a past relationship, a man risks his life by standing against a village head who is prohibiting two lovers, who belong to the same village, from being together.

Shakti Prasad, a wealthy and powerful man, wages war against terrorists. He is killed by one of his henchmen at terrorists' behest. Shakti Prasad's son decides to take the mantle from his father.

Sada, a fisherman is in love with Sania. Sania is constantly harassed by a don and she commits suicide. Sada is on a path of vengeance and joins a rival don. Will he succeed in avenging Sania's death?

Sundaram is in love with a woman, but her cousin is also in love with her. Will Sundaram unite with his beloved?

Two thick childhood friends experience problems in their friendship when they fall in love with the same girl Apirami.